School of Nursing and Health Studies Welcomes Middle School Students

Students from Ponce de Leon Middle School in Coral Gables, Florida visited the University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies on November 6th, where accelerated-BSN students hosted a Mini Health Fair and Health Teaching session tailored specifically to this adolescent audience.  The students’ participation in this event was coordinated through the Thelma Gibson Health Initiative, an after-school intervention program. Their visit to campus was organized as part of an ongoing series of health fairs led by our nursing students and targeting a varied range of local community groups.

Nurse Specialist Susana Barroso gave the young visitors a guided tour of the School’s renowned International Academy for Clinical Simulation and Research, where they were introduced to the lab’s full range of cutting edge patient simulators, ranging from infants to adults and capable of exhibiting a wide spectrum of symptomatology.  In keeping with the healthcare awareness and education theme of the visit, the youngsters then participated in a mini health fair planned and executed by SONHS students, where they had their BMI (Body Mass Index) checked and heard from accelerated BSN students on the topic of “What is nursing: A close look at the nursing profession”. The middle-schoolers were surprised to learn that in addition to hospitals, medical offices and other expected venues, RNs may practice in other surprising locations such as prisons, sporting events, camps and travel destinations.

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