Q. How do I know if I need to take ENG 105 English Composition?

A. You will take ENG 105 unless one of the following applies to you.

- You scored 700 or above on your SAT/V or 32 on the ACT/E. (ENG 105 requirement waived – no credit earned)
- You scored 6 or 7 on the Higher Level (A1) IB exam or 5 on the AP English composition (Literature or Language) exam . (6 credits earned for ENG 105 and ENG 106)
- You earned credit for ENG 105 through dual enrollment or transfer credit.

Q. What math course do I have to take?

A. BSN and the BSPH students require a statistics course above the level of MTH 101 College Algebra. BSHS students require a calculus course.

Q. How will I know which math course to take?

A. Your math placement will depend on your SAT, ACT or ALEKS score.

- This chart will help determine your math placement

ALEKS score
Recommended Course
< 40
MTH 099
≥ 40
MTH 101
≥ 55
MTH 107
MTH 105
≥ 60
Or Math SAT 630-690
Or Math ACT 28-30
Or AP Calculus AB score=3
MTH 113
≥ 65
Or Math SAT 630-690
Or Math ACT 28-30
Or AP Calculus AB score=3
MTH 140
MTH 130
≥ 76
Or Math SAT > 700
Or Math ACT > 31
Or AP Calculus AB score=4
MTH 151
MTH 161

- If you are a BSN or BSPH student and are placed above MTH 101 you may take statistics.

Q. What if I disagree with my math placement?

A. If you wish to change your SAT or ACT based placement you may take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment. ALEKS will be available from March 15th until April 15th and from May 1st until August 15th.

Q. Should I take Biology or Chemistry my first semester?

A. BSN students should take BIL 150/151 General Biology with Lab (requires minimum placement in MTH 107) their first semester so they can take HCS 212/213 Human Anatomy with Lab in the Spring. BSHS and BSPH students may take either BIL 150/151, CHM 103/105, CHM 111/113, or CHM 121/113 depending on their track and math placement.

Q. What if my math level is not high enough for me to take BIL 150/151?

A. You may take CHM 103/105 your first semester. If your track requires CHM 111/113 or CHM 121/113 you will have to postpone your CHM class until you have reached the minimum placement in MTH 107.

Q. What counts as a general elective?

A. A general elective is a class that is not required for your program but interests you and counts towards your degree. If you meet the requirements for such a course you may take it as a general elective.

Q. I am a health science student and am not sure which Chemistry I should take. How do I know?

A. This is a guide to the appropriate Chemistry for your track.

- Pre-Physical Therapy – CHM 103/105
- Pre-Pharmacy – CHM 111/113 or CHM 121/113
- Health Science General – CHM 103/105
- Health Science Management and Policy - CHM 103/105
- Pre-Med students take CHM 111/113 or CHM 121/113

Q. How many credits should I take in my first semester?

A. You must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits to be a full-time student. A typical full-time first semester course load is 14-15 credits. If you bring in AP, IB or dual enrollment credit or plan to take summer classes you may decide to limit yourself to 12 credits. Some freshmen take 12 credits the first semester and increase their course load second semester.

Q. Do I need to take a foreign language?

A. The BSPH requires a foreign language at the intermediate (200+) level. The BSN and BSHS do not have a foreign language requirement, however students may pursue a foreign language as a minor / cognate or take a class as an elective.

Q. Where can I see my complete program of study?

A. Go to the SONHS website at www.miami.edu/sonhs click on ‘academics’ and then browse for your program of interest. All plans of study are posted.

Q. Who can I ask if I have more questions?

A. Call the SONHS Office of Student Services and ask to speak to an academic advisor or email nursingbsn@miami.edu