Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Required Areas of Study

A. Areas of Proficiency
     1. English Composition: ENG 105 and 106 (or 107)
     2. Mathematics: NUR 202 Introductory Statistics for Health Care
     3. Writing Across the Curriculum: 5 courses designated as writing courses. Some courses simultaneously fulfill
     writing and area of knowledge or major requirements. Several upper division nursing courses are designated writing

B. Areas of Knowledge (Cognates)
     1. STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
     2. People and Society
     3. Arts and Humanities

BSN First Year Program of Study

Eng 105 English Composition I 3 cr Eng 106
Eng 107
English Composition II
English Composition II:Science & Technology
3 cr
*Bil 150/151
Chm 103/105
General Biology w/ Lab
Chemistry for Life Science w/ Lab
5 cr
4 cr
Hcs 212/213 Human Anatomy w/ Lab 4 cr
Mth 101 *Mathematics 3 cr Arts &
3 cr
Arts &
3 cr Psy 110 Intro to Psychology 3 cr
UMX 100 UM Experience for SONHS 1 cr Math or Elective 3 cr
15 cr or
16 cr
16 cr
* Determined by math placement. Students whose math placement is below Mth 107 will be required to take biology (at UM) during the summer between their freshman and sophomore years in order to be ready for the junior year of clinical coursework.

BSN students must complete the following prerequisite courses with grades of C or better prior to beginning the upper division (clinical portion) of the curriculum that generally begins in the junior year.

- BIL 150/151 General Biology with Lab
- CHM 103/105 Chemistry for Life Sciences with Lab
- PSY 110 Introduction to Psychology
- MIC 320 Introduction to Microbiology and Immunology for Nurses
- HCS 212/213 Human Anatomy with Lab
- HCS 215 Systemic Physiology
- MTH 101 College Algebra
- NUR 202 Introductory Statistics for Health Care
- NUR 317 Developmental Issues Across the Lifespan
- NUR 306 Principles of Nutrition

In addition, in order to progress to the upper division of the BSN program students:

- Must have a minimum cumulative UM GPA of 3.0, and a GPA for the prerequisite courses of 2.75.
- May not repeat more than one failed prerequisite or the same failed prerequisite twice.
- Must complete their prerequisite coursework at UM.