Office of Student Services

The staff in the Office of Student Services is available to assist incoming students. As you navigate the New Freshman Registration process Academic Advisors may be contacted by phone or email to address issues such as program requirements, AP, IB, and dual enrollment credit, math placement etc. 

Students entering the School of Nursing and Health Studies as freshmen follow a program of studies leading to:

  - Pre-Physical Therapy
  - Pre-Pharmacy
  - Pre-Forensics
  - Health Science Business
  - Health Science General

Undergraduate degrees at the University of Miami incorporate General Education Requirements which include:
  1.  Areas of Proficiency -English composition, writing across the curriculum and mathematics
  2.  Areas of Knowledge (Cognates)
      - Arts and Humanities
      - People and Society
      - Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  3.  Major / Degree requirements

New Student Course Preference Instructions

1.  In order to make your transition to college as smooth as possible, incoming freshmen will register on-line.
2.  Courses that are required for your program or meet degree requirements will be available for your selection.
3.  If you have been identified as: Honors, ROTC, or Pre-Med, You may have additional requirements which need to be met. Your advisor will discuss these with you during the academic orientation to the School of Nursing and Health Studies.
4.  If you have or anticipate receiving AP, IB or dual enrollment credit please indicate so on your registration form.
5.  UMX 100 UM Experience
6.  Students in the School of Nursing and Health Studies should take this on-line, one credit elective in the fall of their freshman year. 


All incoming freshmen must attend academic orientation and meet with an advisor prior to the beginning of classes. At your advising meeting, you may review your schedule to ensure that you understand your program of studies and your progression through it. You may also update your AP, IB and dual enrollment credit at that time.

We are excited about having you join the SONHS in the fall. Thank you and enjoy the remainder of your senior year.

Office of Student Services Undergraduate Staff

Deborah Paris, Assistant Dean -
Yenisey Cabrera, Academic Advisor -
Melanie Goergmaier, Academic Advisor -
Jude Dhaiti, Data Analyst -
Gloria Vallina, Administrative Assistant -
Anna Castro, Admissions Services Representative -


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