Martin Matthew Zdanowicz

Title/Position: Associate Dean for Health Studies / Professor of Clinical


Dr. Zdanowicz received an M.A. in biology from S.U.N.Y Binghamton in 1985 and completed a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences - Pharmacology at St. John’s University in 1992. After completing his doctorate, he went on to work as a research scientist at North Shore University Hospital-Cornell Medical College in the area of endocrinology & metabolism. He assumed a full time faculty appointment with the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences in 1996 and served as Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Director of Graduate Studies from 2002-2004. Dr. Zdanowicz received the Trustee’s Awarded for teaching excellence in 2000 and was Pharmacy teacher of the year at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences in 2001. In 2004, Dr. Zdanowicz moved to the South University School of Pharmacy in Savannah, Georgia where he served as chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences from 2011-2013. While at South University the students voted him Pharmacy Teacher of the Year in 2005, 2006 and 2008 and 2010. He was promoted to full professor in January of 2008. Dr. Zdanowicz currently serves as the Associate Dean for Health Studies in the School of Nursing and Health Studies. Teaching areas included pharmacology, pathophysiology and pharmacogenomics. His current research interests include pharmacogenomics, cardiovascular pharmacology, curriculum development and active learning techniques. Dr. Zdanowicz currently holds membership in a number of professional societies and has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and two textbooks.

Martin M. Zdanowicz, PhD, MEd, MA

PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences-Pharmacology, 1992
Masters of Education in Higher Education, 2012
Masters of Arts in Biology, 1985
BS in Biology, 1982

Research and Academic Interests
Pharmacogenomics, Active learning techniques, Curriculum design, Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Muscle disease, Growth factors

Publications (selected)
Shah S, Cox, AC, Zdanowicz, MM. Student perceptions of the use of pre-recorded lecture modules and class exercises in a Molecular Biology course. (In Press), Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning, March, 2013

Berg J, Stajich G, Zdanowicz, MM. Atypical antipsychotic-induced type-2 diabetes. Pharmacy Times, March, 2012.

Zdanowicz, MM, Lynch, MJ. The Pharmacology of Antiarrhythmic Drugs: Current Agents and Future Candidates. Am. J. Pharm. Ed. 2011; 75 (7) Article 139.

Presentations (selected)
Shah, S, Cox, A, Zdanowicz, MM. Evaluation of pre-recorded lecture modules and class exercises as a tool to enhance student learning in a Molecular Biology course. Presented at the AACP Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida, July 2012.

Zdanowicz, MM. The Accreditation Process for Schools & Colleges of Pharmacy. Teaching & Learning Development Series for Residents. South University, October 21, 2011.

Zdanowicz, MM, Schwartz M, Jones M, et al. Comprehensive Integration of Basic and Clinical Sciences within the South University School of Pharmacy Curriculum. Presented at the AACP Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, July 2011.

Macias-Moriarity L, Lynch L, Zdanowicz, MM. Assessing the Use of Active Learning Techniques by Faculty Teaching in an Accelerated Pharm. D. Program: Challenges and Recommendations. Presented at AACP Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, July 2010.

Major Accomplishments / Honors
Seven time teacher of the year, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and South University.
Bravo Award for Outstanding Faculty Member, 2011 South University
Mortar & Pestle Award, 2008 South University

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