Karina Gattamorta

Title/Position: Research Assistant Professor

Karina Gattamorta earned her PhD in Research, Measurement, and Evaluation at the University of Miami. She previously earned her BA in Special Education and Psychology from the University of Miami and an EdS in School Psychology from Florida International University. Karina has focused her research on investigating methods of assessing bias in a variety of testing situations. She has co-authored papers in Applied Measurement in Education, the Journal of Educational Measurement, and the Journal of Early Intervention. She also has first-authored manuscripts under review in Applied Measurement in Education and the International Journal of Testing. She has experience with quantitative and qualitative research, data analysis, measurement, item response theory (IRT), statistics, and program evaluation and is proficient in a variety of statistical analyses including advanced techniques such as structural equation modeling (SEM) and multi-level modeling (MLM). Currently she is teaching statistics courses in analysis of variance (ANOVA), multiple regression, and introductory statistics.

Karina A. Gattamorta, PhD

Ph D, Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation, University of Miami, 2009
EdS, School Psychology, Florida International University, 2005
BA, Psychology and Special Education, University of Miami, 2000

Research Grants (selected)
Research Supplement to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research, Culturally Informed Family Based Treatment of Adolescents: A Randomized Trial  Study (Santisteban, PI) Total Supplement Cost $157,708 (2 years). The parent grant is a large randomized trial testing the CIFFTA intervention with 220 drug abusing Hispanic adolescents.  (National Institute on Drug Abuse), Grant No. 3R01DA027920-04S1.  Gattamorta (Supplement Recipient) 2013-2015. 

De Santis, J. P., Layerla, D. M., Barroso, S., Gattamorta, K. A., Sanchez, M., & Prado, G. J. (2012). Predictors of eating attitudes and behaviors among gay hispanic men. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 26(2), 111-126. doi:10.1016

Gattamorta, K. A., & Penfield, R. D. (2012). A comparison of adjacent categories and cumulative differential step functioning effect estimators. Applied Measurement in Education, 25, 142-161. doi:10.1080/08957347.2012.660387

Gattamorta, K. A., Penfield, R. D., & Myers, N. D. (2012). Modeling item-level and step-level invariance effects in polytomous items using the partial credit model. International Journal of Testing, 12, 252-272. doi:10.1080/15305058.2011.630546

De Santis, J., Arcia, A., Vermeesch, A., & Gattamorta, K. A. (2011). Using structural equation modeling to identify predictors of sexual behaviors among hispanic men who have sex with men. The Nursing Clinics of North America, 46(2), 233-48. doi:10.1016/j.cnur.2011.02.010

Presentations (selected)
Gattamorta, K. A., Santisteban, D. A., Mena, M. P., & McCabe, B. M. (2013, October). Clinical, Cultural, and Familial Predictors of Retention in a Prevention Program for Hispanic Adolescents. Poster presented at the National Hispanic Science Network 13th Annual International Conference, Bethesda, MD.

Gattamorta, K.A., McCabe, B., & Peragallo, N. (2013, February). Evaluating Measurement Invariance of the Hispanic Stress Inventory: Does level of acculturation affect the interpretation of scores? Poster presented at the Southern Nursing Research Society 27th Annual Conference, Little Rock, AK.

Gattamorta, K.A., McCabe, B., & Peragallo, N. (2012, December). Measurement Invariance of the Hispanic Stress Inventory. Poster presented at the 13th RCMI International Symposium on Health Disparities, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Gattamorta, K.A., McCabe, B., & Peragallo, N. (2012, September). Does Acculturation Affect Score Interpretation: An Evaluation of Measurement Invariance. Paper presented at the XIII Pan American Nursing Research Colloquium, Miami, Beach, FL.

Gattamorta, K. A. (2011, April). Comparing the Performance of English Language Learners to Non-English Language Learners on a Measure of Science. Paper presented at the 2011 meeting of the American Education Research Association, New Orleans, LA.

Huggins, A. C., Penfield, R. D., & Gattamorta, K. A. (2011, April). Test Accommodations and Equating Invariance of a Fifth Grade Science Exam. Paper presented at the 2011 meeting of the National Council on Measurement in Education, New Orleans, LA.

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