Publication acknowledged as “some of the very best research within the field.”

July 31, 2014 — It has been a little over four years since the The Future of Nursing report called on health professions educators to instill in all students the tools for interprofessional collaboration. SONHS faculty member Dr. Rosa Gonzalez Guarda, one of the committee members who helped write the landmark document, has taken this mandate to heart. As Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Research, Training and Education Core (R-TEC) of the school’s NIH/NIMHD-funded Center of Excellence for Health Disparities Research: El Centro, Gonzalez-Guarda routinely extends her teaching and mentoring activities beyond the walls of the nursing school to include students from other disciplines seeking to become culturally competent clinicians and public health practitioners. Now a publication co-authored by Dr. Gonzalez Guarda with two of her mentees has been recognized among the ten best violence research articles of 2013 by an invited panel of senior researchers convened by the editor of the multidisciplinary journal, Psychology of Violence.

The selected article, “Intimate Partner Violence Among Hispanics: A Review of the Literature”, was published in the Journal of Family Violence. First-author Amanda Cummings, Ph.D. ’14, now in a post-doctoral position at University of North Carolina, Charlotte, was at the time a counseling psychology doctoral student in the University of Miami School of Education and Human Development. As part of El Centro’s R-TEC’S aim to provide interdisciplinary experiences to emerging health disparities scientists, Gonzalez-Guarda mentored Cummings and served as co-chair of her dissertation. Third author M. Sandoval also received mentorship at the SONHS during a summer 2010 internship, and is now a perioperative research nurse at the University of Colorado Health, Anschultz Medical Campus.

In recognizing the excellence of Gonzalez-Guarda and her mentees’ article in their selection of it for The Best Ten list “from the vast choice of publications produced in 2013”, the reviewers cited the authors’ focus on literature covering intimate partner violence (IPV) in people of Hispanic ethnicity, calling this type of research “long overdue”. Dr. Gonzalez-Guarda, a nationally recognized expert in the field of IPV, explains, “Inclusion of our work in such a selective list is a great recognition. It indicates the article’s impact and contribution to the field’s knowledge of violence. The fact that it is co-authored by our counseling psychology and nursing mentees just makes that honor that much more special, and shows our efforts to educate a new generation of interdisciplinary health disparities scientists are working.”

To read the selected SONHS’ article click here.

To read the review of the article by the invited panel of researchers, click here.

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