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Senior Class Gift 2014

The 2014 graduating class has already begun paving the way to becoming the best Senior Class Gift fundraisers in UM’s history! This pay-it-forward legacy gives us the opportunity to support our classmates who otherwise wouldn’t be able to finish their education here at UM. Somewhere along the way, we all received some form of support that’s helped us reach this point- on the brink of graduating from a world-class institution. Now it’s your chance to give back.

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You got. You give.

Not only will we create scholarships for students in need, but the value of our degrees will increase with every gift we receive, which means we have the power to contribute to a cause that would separate us from recent college grads nationwide. The Class of 2014 has the potential to make UM history by vaulting the University even further into the nation’s top 50 ranking by U.S. News and World Reports!

Pay It Forward.

Make your gift of $20.14 today and receive the exclusive, 2014 UM commemorative tassel before you graduate!

To discuss charitable contribution opportunities, please call the SONHS Advancement Office at (305) 284-1892 or email us at

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