UM School of Nursing and Health Studies graduates are better educated, possess more scientific knowledge and have unprecedented access to information and cutting edge simulators that weren’t even on the drawing board five years ago. In fact, the state-of- the art International Academy for Clinical Simulation and Research (IACSR), encompassing 5,500 square feet on the second and third floors of the M. Christine Schwartz Center for Nursing and Health Studies, is the nation’s first simulation center designed exclusively for nursing and health science education.

The Academy features: a two bed intensive care simulation suite, a dedicated operating room theater suite, a seven bed adult laboratory, a seven bed pediatric laboratory and a micro-simulation computer lab. The center is programmed to replicate a variety of clinical settings including ICU, CCU, ER, OR, Neonatal ICU and Perianesthesia. The UM exclusive—I.A.C.S.R. provides an unmatched tremendous learning tool for students by providing a full complement of high-fidelity patient simulation enabling students to improve their clinical and critical thinking skills prior to interaction with patients.

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