Total Tuition Cost: $39,900

Full-time Tuition per semester: $13,300
Fees for 1 year
Nursing Fees $2,000
Comprehensive Doctoral Orientation $600

Part-time Tuition per semester: $6,650
Fees Year - 1 Year - 2
Nursing Fees $1,000 $1,000
Comprehensive Doctoral Orientation $600 $ -

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Students pay for the semester’s tuition, regardless if they take fewer courses than scheduled. Any student who misses, withdraws, or does not pass a course(s) during a semester must wait to take or retake the course(s) in the next academic year it is offered and pay for it again at the University’s per credit tuition rate.

Additional Costs
Students are required to bring a laptop computer to classes, and purchase books and equipment necessary to fulfill course requirements.

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