DNP program start dates and application deadlines
Spring Semester (January) - October 15, 2014
Fall Semester (August) - April 1, 2015

Admission Requirements
  • A Baccalaureate degree and a Master's degree, from a regionally accredited institution, preferably in nursing.
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • All official transcripts must be mailed from the issuing institution’s registrar’s office directly to NursingCAS at the following address:

    P.O. Box 9201
    Watertown, MA 02471

    Note: NursingCAS cannot process transcripts that are stamped “Issued to Student”. In order to expedite the processing be sure to include the Transcript Request Form.

  • Note: You must input all of your college level coursework into the NursingCAS application. Be sure to have a copy of your transcript(s) in hand or accessible in order to complete this section. All college level course work (including in-progress course work) must be entered into the application in the “Coursework” section. There is a short, instructional video posted here on how to accurately complete this section. And detailed instructions are posted here. This will be the most time-consuming aspect of the application process.
  • If you would rather have NursingCAS staff enter in your coursework data on your behalf then you have the option of paying an additional fee to use the Coursework Entry Service. Click here to learn more about the service. The data entered into this section is used to calculate GPAs in order to make admissions decisions.
  • Statement of professional goals for graduate study. The statement should include your ideas about your area of interest for your DNP capstone project. Submit your statement by copying and pasting or typing in your statement in the “Personal Statement” section of the application. When you save your statement title it “University of Miami DNP”.
  • Active (unrestricted) RN license is required, as well as licensure as an APRN or national certification in a nursing specialty ( Input your RN license information in the “Professional Experience” section of NursingCAS.
  • Two strong letters of recommendation are required, preferably from individuals with doctorates in nursing. At least one recommendation should be from an academic source. Request your references be submitted via NursingCAS by completing the “References” section of the application.
  • Documentation of Clinical Hours in Master’s Course of Study (download form) confirming a minimum of 440 precepted clinical hours or supervised residency hours in master’s level program. An applicant may submit a portfolio for evaluation of clinical hours equivalency along with a Verification of Clinical Hours Equivalence form if he/she cannot provide documentation of a minimum of 440 precepted clinical hours in their master’s programs. Upload this profile (form) in the “Documents Upload” section of NursingCAS.
  • Current résumé. Upload your resume in the “Documents Upload” section of NursingCAS.
  • A copy of a current RN license. A photocopy of a current Basic Life Support (CPR or BLS). Upload a copy of your RN license and CPR or BLS in the “Document Uploads” section of NursingCAS.
  • No GRE required
  • International students must have a degree equivalent to a U.S. Baccalaureate degree in nursing.
  • Transcripts from international institutions must be evaluated by a transcript evaluation service and the evaluation must be sent to NursingCAS.
  • Original official transcripts from international institutions should be mailed directly to the School of Nursing and Health Studies at the following address:

    University of Miami
    School of Nursing and Health Studies
    Office of Student Services, Graduate Admissions
    P.O. Box 248153
    Coral Gables, FL 33124-3850

  • Information about international admissions for graduate students may be found through the University of Miami Graduate School. Applicants for whom English is not the native language must meet the University’s English requirements, for more information, please go to: TOEFL Score Requirements.
  • Send TOEFL scores directly to the University of Miami. NursingCAS does not process test scores.
  • Out of state and international students are welcomed into our DNP program. However, some assignments are limited to students holding current Florida RN licenses and BLS certification.

If admitted to the DNP program, all students must complete a successful FBI background clearance, drug screen and have current immunizations. Students must have a background report without any infractions, regardless of how they were resolved or adjudicated. Accordingly, if your background report contains any infractions, regardless of how they were resolved or adjudicated, you will not be able to successfully clear your background check and you will be withdrawn from the program. In addition, students must pass a drug screening and have current immunizations (see student handbook for immunization requirements).

  • In the “Designations” section of NursingCAS you will select the University of Miami and the DNP (Post-Master’s) program.

For questions regarding the NursingCAS application, please contact NursingCAS support via phone at 617-612-2880 Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM Eastern Time and Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time and via email at Or post questions to NursingCAS by following their Twitter and/or Facebook accounts. Detailed instructions and FAQs are available as well. Instructional videos are posted on the NursingCAS YouTube channel.

Monitor the Status of Your Application:
The “My Messages” section of the NursingCAS application will include any messages that NursingCAS or a school has sent to you. Please check your “My Messages” to see if you have received any vital information about your application. Messages will be sent to the “My Messages” inbox and your personal email address that you created your account with.

Use the “Quick Status Menu” options to check to see if your Transcript(s), Reference(s), or Payment(s) have been received after you submit them. To check to see which Designations you have selected (programs you have applied to), click on the Designations option under the Quick Status menu. The GPA Calculations option under the Quick Status menu will display any GPA calculations NursingCAS has generated for you based on the coursework data you entered. Your application has been “verified” once your GPA Calculations are complete. Learn more about “verification”.

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