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"SEPA-O: Salud/Health, Educacion/Education, Prevencion/Prevention, Autocuidado/Self-care for Older Women, Rosa Cianelli, PhD, PI

This pilot study, funded by El Centro in Year 4, tested the acceptability and feasibility of SEPA-O, an adaptation of the SEPA intervention, for older Hispanic women in preparation for a randomized trial.

Associated Publications:
Cianelli, R., Wilkinson, C., Mitchell, E., Anglade, D., Nicolas, G., Mitrani, V., Peragallo, N. (in press). Mental health training experiences among Haitian healthcare workers post-earthquake. International Nursing Review.

Cianelli, R., Villegas, N., Lawson, S., Ferrer, L., Kaelber, L., Peragallo, N., Yaya, A. (2013). Unique factors that place older Hispanic women at risk for HIV: Intimate partner violence, machismo and marianismo. Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, 24(4), 341-54.

Santisteban, D.A. & Owenz, M.B. (2011) Existing gaps and new directions in the treatment of conduct problems and drug use disorders in Latino adolescents. In N. Cabrera, Natasha, F. Villarruel, & H.E. Fitzgerald (Eds). Child Psychology and Mental Health: Cultural and Ethno-Racial Perspectives: Vol 2: Latina/o American Children’s Mental Health: Prevention and Treatment. ABC-CLIO Inc, Santa Barbara, California.

Associated Faculty:
Rosina Cianelli

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