"Increasing Capacity at Hospital Universitaire Justinien” , Nilda Peragallo, DrPH, PI

This administrative supplement to El Centro in Year 4, aimed to expand mental health capacity in Cap Haitien, Haiti in collaboration with Hospital Universitaire Justinien and the Northern Health Department of Haiti, which serves a population of 1 million people. Approximately 100 local health providers were trained to identify, triage and provide supportive services for mental health disorders 25 trainees participated in a “train the trainers” program as a means of sustaining increased capacity.

Associated Publications:
Cianelli, R., Wilkinson, C., Mitchell, E., Anglade, D., Nicolas, G., Mitrani, V., Peragallo, N. (in press). Mental health training experiences among Haitian healthcare workers post-earthquake. International Nursing Review,60(4), 528-535. PMCID: PMC3933925

Associated Faculty:
Nilda (Nena) Peragallo Montano

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