"Health Risks of Transgender Women”, Joseph De Santis, PhD, PI

This mixed methods pilot study, funded by the Aqua Foundation for Women and conducted in partnership with the South Beach AIDS Project, Inc., aims to explore the health risk behaviors of 50 transgender women living in South Florida. In Phase I, participants will complete measures of health risks. In Phase II, a qualitative interview will be administered to 30 of the participants to gain their perspectives on how to address health risk behaviors in the transgender community.

Associated Publications:
De Santis, J., & Barroso, S. (2011). Living in silence: A grounded theory study of vulnerability in the context of HIV infection. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 32(6), 345-354. doi:10.3109/01612840.2010.550018

De Santis, J.P. (2010). Editorial: Factors influencing HIV risk among Hispanic men who have sex with men. Hispanic Health Care International, 8(3), 122-124. doi: 10.1891/1540-4153.8.3.122.

Associated Faculty:
Joseph De Santis

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