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Signs that an adult is experiencing intimate partner violence may be observed in the workplace, at school/college, or in other community settings. As with adolescents, some of these signs may be indicators of other problems as well:
- Signs of physical injury such as bruises and contusions (often the adult claims that the injuries were the result of an accident)
- Depressed mood, tearfulness
- Expressing fear that the partner might hurt her
- Talking about the partner’s anger
- Isolation, withdrawal from family and friends
- Does not have adequate resources, such as money or a car (a sign that the partner may be controlling, appropriating and/or denying access to basic resources)

In addition to the above signs, look for warning signs that may manifest at work or school:

In the workplace:
- Threatening or harassing phone calls
- Frequent absences or lateness
- Decrease in productivity
- Difficulty paying attention and staying on task

At school/college:
- Frequent absences from or lateness to class
- Difficulty paying attention in class
- Difficulty in keeping up with schoolwork
- Declining or failing grades