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One of the aims of the El Centro Research Training and Education Core is to identify and maximize the opportunities for success for our minority research trainees. We recognize the challenges students face and have created several exchange or feeder programs designed to minimize the impacts of engaging in advance training.  These opportunities are a result of unique collaborations between our sister schools and organizations dedicated to health disparities research training and education. The advantages to participating include completing PhD programs with a sensitivity to cultural and personal issues, access to dual mentoring , completing degrees in minimal time and in residence at both schools.

For over sixty years, the University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies (UMSONHS) has established a world class program of healthcare education.  Our faculty and staff include some of the nation’s premier educators, clinicians and research scientists. Located in one of the most culturally and racially diverse cities in the nation, the school benefits from community partnerships not available in many other university environments.

Program Highlights:
- BSN-to-PhD (61-credits) (2 years/9 semesters in residence at UMSONHS for 49 credits, and dissertation at UTEP for the last 12 credits) through technology assisted support, supervision and mentorship

- Inter-disciplinary research opportunities in Miami’s multi- ethnic healthcare environment.

- One-on-one mentoring by senior faculty researchers at both UM and UTEP

- Affiliation with our Center of Excellence for Health Disparities Research: El Centro

- Full-time study includes opportunity for full tuition waiver as well as living stipend and health insurance during UMSONHS residence.
Face-to-face informational sessions – to be announced each semester- stay tuned for more details.

If you are a current UTEPSONHS student and are interested in applying, please contact Dean Provencio-Vasquez at eprovenciovasquez@utep.edu

All others please contact Ms. Marta medina at (305) 284-5298 or m.medina10@miami.edu

For additional information about the PhD program, visit our website at http://www.miami.edu/sonhs/index.php/sonhs/academics/doctoral_programs/