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August 24, 2010 — As enrollment, retention, and graduation rates continue to intertwine with campus recreational programs and facilities, NIRSA member institutions are leading the way in students' fitness, health, wellness, health promotion, disease prevention, and stress reduction. This exciting video highlights NIRSA's sixty-years of leading excellence in collegiate recreational sports, including elements of our rich history and our predecessor group - the National Intramural Association. NIRSA is making a difference:

* NIRSA reaches an estimated 5.5 million collegiate recreational athletes and the recreation professionals who support them.
* 75% of college students participate in campus recreational sports department programs (The Value of Recreational Sports in Higher Education, 2004).
* Participation in recreational sports programs is a key determinant of college satisfaction, success, recruitment and retention (The Value of Recreational Sports in Higher Education, 2004).
* Recreation centers on campus are the nexus of competition, fitness, wellness, and student development. Such skills create an environment of success for a lifetime, beyond the collegiate years.
* NIRSA is the leader in research, scholarship, education and training in the growing field of professional recreational sports. Participation in recreational sports counters disturbing trends in childhood obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

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