Herbert Wellness Center members have access to free group exercise classes

July 03, 2014 — Coral Gables, Fla. — Did you know that you are more likely to stick with an exercise program if you work out with a friend? Exercising in a group boosts your mood, energy level and overall health. To provide its members with just the right class for their needs, the Patti and Allan Herbert Wellness Center offers a variety of free exercise classes.

“Our group exercise classes are diverse and provide programs that keep you motivated and your workout exciting,” said Nikki Reifschneider, assistant director of group exercise and community classes. “Our classes are safe and structured, but also a ton of fun. They’re perfect for meeting new people or for joining a class with longtime friends.”

From Zumba to aquatic exercise and Gutts-N-Butts to sport circuit training, each class offers a unique routine, so members can expect different outcomes from each class. Becoming familiar with the different classes offered ensures that participants get the results they want. Here is a glimpse at just four of the many Group Exercise classes offered at the Herbert Wellness Center.

TRX Circuit
A suspension training class that uses the nation’s leading TRX equipment, this class leverages gravity and bodyweight to perform a variety of exercises. Because the TRX Suspension Trainer uses no additional weights, a simple adjustment in body position can drastically change the difficulty and intensity of a workout. Results from this total body workout include increased muscular endurance and core strengthening, as well as increased overall fitness levels. This class is great for individuals of all fitness levels from beginners to full-time athletes because TRX certified instructors are trained to modify programs for every participant.

CardioFunk (CFunk)
Part workout, part dance class, CFunk offers a wide range of hip-hop fitness routines that focus on strength and endurance. Presented in a fun, high-energy format, this class presents easy-to-learn dance moves that are designed to keep participants’ heart rates within cardio training zones. CFunk is a fun and funky experience for all fitness levels. As its participants say, “We put the FUNK in CFunk!”

Total Body Conditioning (TBC)
TBC provides a full-body workout with a mixture of cardio, strength, flexibility and core conditioning. This class incorporates a variety of workout equipment including medicine balls and jump ropes, and it serves as a one-stop-shop to make the most of an hour-long workout. Certified instructors can modify the class to match fitness levels of all participants.

Aquatic Exercise
Held in the Herbert Wellness Center’s indoor pool, this low-impact workout improves cardiovascular endurance and increases strength, all with less stress on the body’s joints. Recommended for all fitness levels, this class is great for those recovering from injuries or people looking to add resistance training to their exercise program.

All classes are taught by certified instructors and held in the Herbert Wellness Center on the Coral Gables campus. Group Exercise classes are offered regularly throughout the year, and the full schedule is available at www.miami.edu/wellness/fitnessprograms. Follow @UMiamiWellness and #HWCgroupX on Twitter for updates and alerts about group exercise classes.

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To provide its members with just the right class for their needs, the Herbert Wellness Center offers a variety of free exercise classes.

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