Physical Benefits

Through deep-breathing, which is the backbone of any meditation practice, muscle fatigue and tension are reduced by increasing the circulation of oxygen to the muscles.  Meditation has also been proven to lower high blood cholesterol due to its stress-reducing benefits.  Meditation also helps to strengthen the immune system as well.  Meditation induces the relaxation response which reduces the occurance of pain, insomnia and headaches.  Another major physical benefit of meditation is unlimited energy. 

Emotional Benefits:

Less irritability, reduction in the “fight or flight” response, and more emotional self-control.  Helps bring perspective when confronted with a crisis; thus, making the crisis more manageable.  Managing our modern daily lives can become quite overwhelming when you factor in traffic jams, work related stress, toxicity overload and seemingly unmanageable schedules.  Taking a small amount of daily time to meditate can bring the perspective you need to manage your busy schedule and bring back a feeling of “I can handle this”.  Meditation will allow your senses to be heightened and aroused even during routine tasks, making your day more enjoyable.  You will start enjoying the subtleties of life again like the smell of fresh laundry or the feel of the road as you drive or the color of the morning sky.  Learning to integrate all the senses in your daily life, through meditation, will bring a myriad of emotional benefits and fullness to your life and help you become a better observer.  By being a better observer you can respond to situations rather than react, meaning you can act appropriately when you feel inspired or compelled to and in perfect timing.

Mental Benefits

Better mental focus, concentration and creativity.  Less stress and anxiety and greater peace of mind.  Meditation seeks to bring harmful and counter-productive thoughts and feelings to the surface within you, quell them and help you gain the necessary perspective to invoke more truth and reality in your life. The mental benefits of meditation, if regularly practiced, are long lasting and eventually become permanent.  Unlike drugs or alcohol,  meditation does not need to be obtained or paid for and you will never run the risk of driving while impaired or face legal ramifications for doing it.  Meditation is THE healthy replacement to drugs and alcohol and is the ultimate anti-addiction medication.

Spiritual Benefits

Greater self-awareness, the feeling of being more “connected” and a greater sense of purpose, along with the added benefit of helping you to resolve past issues that tend to get buried in the psyche and cause difficulties for you on an unconscious level.  The process of becoming spiritually enlightened through meditation can be difficult, however, and does not happen overnight, although desirable benefits are noticed immediately, meditation is an ongoing process and a person must explore his or her own darker side in order to find and illuminate one’s own inner light and one must be willing to continually change and evolve on a daily basis.  Meditation is not a destination but a fascinating journey where you will become more awakened to your true self.  Through meditation you will discover and uncover an entire new world of interests that you will want to pursue and even find things you probably didn’t even know you had a talent for.