Wellness on Demand offers a wide variety of programs spanning several wellness topics. Select a program from the lists provided or work with a Wellness Suite staff member to customize a program for your group.

Steps To Request a Program

1. Choose a presentation topic from the options provided, or customize your own program.

2. Fill out a Program Request Form and return or email it to the Wellness Suite (Please allow 2 weeks notice for presentations - especially if requesting a custom presentation.).

3. The Wellness Suite staff will contact you to confirm your presentation appointment.

3. Gather up your group and enjoy a wellness break.

Program Topics

* Alcohol and Other Drugs (in conjunction with PIER 21)
* CPR and AED Training
* Eating Disorders and Body Image (in conjunction with the Counseling Center)
* Fitness and Exercise
* General Wellness
* Meditation and Relaxation
* Men’s and Women’s Health (in conjunction with Student Health Services)
* Nutrition
* Personality Assessments and Mental Wellness
* Sexual Assault and Dating Violence (in conjunction with the Counseling Center)
* Sexual Health (in conjunction with Student Health Services)
* Stress and Time Management
* Tobacco, Smoking Cessation, and Fire Safety
* Herbert Wellness Center Facilities and Services

Exercise and Fitness

How to Design an Exercise Program. Although many personal trainers and media articles may make exercise seem complicated, designing an effective program is relatively easy. This program will cover all the basics regarding cardiovascular exercise, weight training and flexibility.

Myths Regarding Nutrition and Exercise.
The health benefits regarding exercise and proper nutrition are numerous. However, the advice you receive from your friends may not be effective or even safe! This program reviews the common myths regarding exercise and nutrition and provides the appropriate explanations.

Rx Exercise: Exercise Prescriptions to Reduce Hypertension and High Cholesterol. Hypertension and high cholesterol affect millions of Americans; however, these ailments can easily be controlled with regular exercise. This presentation will discuss the effects of exercise and provide guidelines to design a fitness program.

Weight Loss:Why Most People Fail. Approximately 50% of all Americans are considered overweight or obese. When most individuals decide to lose weight they take an extreme approach by consuming very low calorie diets and disregard physical activity. This discussion will outline how to increase your metabolism through diet (without cutting calories) and exercise, and how to use it effectively to lose weight.

General Wellness

Get Into the Exam Zone. Finals should be labeled as an extreme sport what with all the grueling hours spent in preparation and endurance needed for exam time.  We’ll identify what it takes to maximize success at finals time and develop strategies to help you make the grade!

Ten Ways to Have More Fun at the University of Miami. Learn new ways to enhance your college experience through wellness by getting involved, staying active, and being happy every step of the way!

Spring Break Savvy. Spring Break is all about having fun, especially if you’re lucky enough to travel to tropical locales in search of like-minded party-goers.  Using an interactive activity and frank discussion, we’ll decide how to maximize our fun and minimize potential pitfalls like alcohol poisoning, sexual assault, and robbery, associated with one wild and crazy break. 

Herbert Wellness Center Tour.
Enrich your wellness experience at the University of Miami by learning all there is to know about the Herbert Wellness Center’s facilities and services during a 30 minute tour.

Mental Wellness

Learned Optimism. Decide to choose the power of optimism as you learn to transform negative thoughts into positive affirmations. You’ll be your greatest advocate after this presentation!

True Colors: What Color Are You? Do you often wonder why you cannot see eye-to-eye with certain individuals in your personal or work life? Learn about your personality style—what motivates and de-motivates you, your strengths, and those areas that you should steer clear of as well as the personality styles of those you work alongside. You’ll be blown away by the accuracy of this quick assessment and the fun, interactive activities that will confirm your results!  Great for established groups wanting to work together more efficiently.


Fad Diets: And By Fad I Really Mean Bad. Sure, your mother’s, sister’s, baby-daddy’s cousin’s friend supposedly lost a million pounds on a fad diet, but do they really, truly work? Unfortunately, there are no easy shortcuts to weight loss. Learn all about the pros, cons, and claims of the fad diets of yesterday and today as we try to unlock the secrets to healthy, long-term eating habits.

Are You Metabo-wise? The Basics of Metabolism. Are you curious about how your metabolism is affected by dietary and exercise habits? Want to know more about how metabolism can contribute to weight management? Learn all there is to know about metabolism as we discuss topics such as how our bodies use food energy, the effects of different eating frequencies, and more!

Fast Food Follies. They say you are what you eat, but who wants to be a double whopper or, even worse, a gordita?? Kick back as we discuss the health consequences of relying too heavily on fast foods to fill your daily meal schedule. We’ll also take a look at different fast food chains, their menus, and what exactly we’re putting into our bodies. While we’re at it, you’ll pick up some skills on how to make healthier choices if you find your way into a fast food establishment.

Introduction to the New Food Pyramid. It’s pretty to look at, but what is all that mumbo-jumbo, right? Well, don’t despair! Instead, decipher the mysteries of healthy eating by learning to use the new food pyramid to your advantage! We’ll review all the components of the pyramid, including the food groups and the importance of balancing your diet with regular activity.

Read It, Before You Eat It: Are You Label Able? Believe it or not, all those numbers and words on the side of your cereal box actually mean something! Don’t let clever and misleading marketing fool you into buying more expensive products that claim to be healthier food options! Become a savvy consumer by learning to read and understand food nutrition labels. You’ll be able to make healthier food choices based on your health needs, as well as your likes and dislikes; and you’ll save money too!

Portion Contortion. Did you really think that mountain of pasta was a serving? Portions can often be quite confusing and a main cause of weight gain. Learn how to size up your plate as we review common objects that can be used to gauge the amount of food on you’re eating. We’ll discuss how portions have grown over the years and what we can do to prevent overeating. You’ll not only save around your waste line, but you’ll likely save in your wallet too!

Preventing the Freshman 15. Ever wonder why some freshmen pack on a few extra pounds after they come to campus? Be savvy to the habits that can make us lose the battle of the bulge, and learn some simple pointers on how to keep that fetching figure through your early days on campus!

Sexual Health and Sexual Assault

Safer Sex 101.
Sit back and relax with your peers as we talk about what’s on everyone’s mind - sex! Learn what safer sex is, why it’s so important, and how to make it fun! We’ll set the record straight and answer all your questions as we talk about abstinence, outercourse, positive sexual communication, sexually transmitted diseases, testing, and how to protect yourself.

Sex Jeopardy. Test your sexual health IQ!  Jeopardy categories include topics as contraception, STDs, anatomy and physiology, women’s health, and men’s health.

Sexual Positions: Straight Talk About Sex.
Explore students’ “positions” on a number of topics surrounding sexual health on campus.  Learn to challenge each others’ thinking around common myths and misconceptions (Does ‘No’ always mean ‘No’?)) as we discuss issues such as gender socialization (is chivalry dead? is there sexual equality?), hooking up, and healthy communication as a means to sexual pleasure. Share your thoughts and ideas on and how they affect your behavior and choices regarding sexual ethics, etiquette, and enjoyment.

Stress Management

Handling Stress with Finesse. Show stress who’s boss by learning the in’s and out’s of stress-free living. After this presentation you’ll be able to avoid stressful situations, identify your stress signs and triggers, rethink your perspective on stress, and use effective stress management techniques.

Tobacco, Smoking Cessation, and Fire Safety

Be Smoke Free Smoking Cessation Program. BSF is a 6-week program designed by faculty and addiction experts to help you kick the habit! For more information, visit our “Be Smoke Free” program web page.

Fire Safety in College Residence Halls. Get clued into the dangers of smoking in your residential college. Not only is smoking indoors against campus policy and an result in sanctions, but it can also be a serious hazard! Learn how to protect yourself and others by avoiding dangerous situations and knowing what to do in the event of an emergency.

Cigarettes Today, Regrets Tomorrow: The Effects and Consequences of Smoking. Check out what smoking does to your body from the inside out. You’ll learn about the plethora of health problems that can result from puffing on a cigarette, or what we lovingly call a “cancer stick”. After the presentation, decide for yourself if smoking is all it’s cracked up to be, and whether your willing to gamble with your health.