(free + open to the public)

BeSmokeFree, the University of Miami's award-winning smoking cessation program, offers group classes for individuals interested in quitting smoking. Classes are offered in 6-week intervals. Quitting smoking can be a long and difficult process. With the aid of group classes, led by certified tobacco treatment specialist Mohammad Asad, individuals can get the support and tools necessary to become tobacco-free. University of Miami affiliates and non-UM affiliates alike are encouraged to join us for this life-changing experience!

Computerized Dietary Analysis
(additional fee + open to the public)
The Herbert Wellness Center offers nutrition consultations for students, faculty and staff, and community members who are interested in making improvements to their current eating habits. During your nutrition consultation appointment you will receive the following reports and resources: Nutrition Summary Report; Diet Record Summary Report; Food Guide Summary Report; Graphic Analysis Report; U.S. Dietary Guidelines; and analysis. Using these reports, the Wellness Suite staff will provide you with an honest look at what you consume on a regular basis in comparison to recommended guidelines. You will gain a basic understand of nutrition, including information such as what percentage of your diet is fat, carbohydrate, protein as well as your intake of vitamins and minerals.

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Cooking Classes
(additional fee + open to the public)

At the start of class, participants will receive a brief introduction to recipe stations, ingredients, and equipment to be used. As participants prepare their selections, Chef Robyn moves between groups to provide guidance, answer questions and impart information about the ingredients and techniques being used.

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The Patti and Allan Herbert Wellness Center Instructional Kitchen and Healthy Cooking Program is honored to be sponsored by the Citizens Board.

Massage Therapy
(additional fee + open to the public)

The Herbert Wellness Center offers massage appointments with licensed massage therapists to students, faculty and staff, and community members. Swedish massage is what many people think of when massage is mentioned. It uses long light strokes, deep kneading, small friction-type motions, light tapping, and movement of the joints. There are many other specialized techniques that you are able to take advantage of during your appointment. Ask your massage therapist about their knowledge of specific techniques that may suit your needs.

The Herbert Wellness Center is happy to bring chair massage to University of Miami departments and organizations. Call the Sales Office at 305-284-5433 now to learn more about available times and rates. This services is only available on the Coral Gables campus, and is not available for non-UM affiliated community members.

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(free + open to the public)

The Herbert Wellness Center offers meditation classes to students, faculty and staff, and community members. Relax and unwind as you learn to meditate. In addition to the many benefits of meditation, you’ll develop mental clarity and discipline, as well as enhance creativity and inner peace in your pursuit of personal satisfaction. Classes are free and brought to you by Sri Chinmoy Centres International. Please RSVP by calling the Sales Office at 305-284-5433 or registering online to let us know you will attend. Additional meditation classes are offered as follow-ups to the scheduled classes - please call for additional information.

Wellness on Demand
The Herbert Wellness Center offers educational wellness programs for students, faculty and staff of the University of Miami. If you are looking for a way to introduce your group of students or employees to wellness, but you don"t have enough time to get away from the residential college or out of the office, then Wellness on Demand is for you.

The Wellness Suite staff is happy to provide with student organizations and groups, fraternities and sororities, classes, and faculty and staff with wellness programming to expand minds, develop wellness skills, and enrich quality of life while at the University of Miami and there after. You choose the topic, and we bring it to you!

Faculty who plan to miss a class due to a conference or other circumstance are encouraged to invite the Wellness Suite staff to their class to offer an educational program.