Program Fee and Registration information

This program is open to anyone with the desire to become smoke-free for life. University of Miami affiliates and Non-UM affiliates alike are encouraged to join us for this life-changing experience!  Call Scott Irwin at (305) 243-3537 or email Scott Irwin for further details or to register for the BeSmokeFree Program.

Program Fees

There is no cost to enroll in the 6 week classes or relapse prevention programs. Financial assistance for medications and other therapies is available for those who qualify. Discounts on some therapies are available and everyone can qualify for at least one month’s free supply of nicotine patches or gum. Ask your counselor for details.The kind of treatment provided will depend on the individual needs of the smoker.

Smokers may choose to make use of one or more of the following at the following program rates:

  * Group Treatment / 6-Week Quit Smoking Now Classes - Free
  * Individual Treatment $75/session
  * Traditional Chinese Acupuncture $45/session
  * Hypnosis - $125/session
  * Relapse Prevention (Aftercare Support Program) Free
  * Nicotine Replacement Therapy (gum, patch, lozenge) Free
  * Other Pharmacological Aids e.g., Chantix (varenicline) Not covered
  * Cold Laser Therapy $199 for 4 sessions (Quit Days 1, 3, 7 and 14 recommended)
  * Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) - $20/session
  * Nutrition Counseling $175/session
  * Whole Food Vitamin Supplements
  * Chinese Herbal Medicine

  * Stress Management $45/session - choose from:
      o BrainSync- Brainwave Session
      o IonCleanse Footbath
      o Medi-Blast Detox Footbath
      o Full-Wave® Breathing
      o Oxygen Therapy with Organic Aromatherapy
      o Crystal Chromo-Therapy
      o Meditainment / MediHeaven Meditation Sessions

  * Exercise Fitness Programs:*
      o Weight Training
      o Cardiovascular Training
      o Dance
      o Strength
      o Core
      o Resistance
      o Training & Stretching
      o Studio Cycling
      o Yoga/Mind- Body
      o Aquatics
      o Pilates
      o And much more!

*Note: Rates may differ by Wellness Center