In order to make an appointment you must first complete and submit a Nutrition Education Packet. The packet contains brief nutrition and fitness questionnaires, as well as a 3-day food recall log of all the food and drinks you consume on those days. It is recommended that you including two typical weekdays and a weekend day in your log. You may pick up a Nutrition Education Packet at the Wellness Suite reception desk or download and print a copy from the link at the bottom of this page.

Rates and Fees

Payment should be made when you submit you packet to the Wellness Suite. A Wellness Suite staff member will contact you no sooner than one week from the date of packet submission to arrange your appointment time. During the week prior to your appointment, staff will analyze your questionnaires and food log in preparation for your appointment.

Service* Student Member Non-student Member Non-member
Nutrition Consultation $20 $35 $40
Follow-up Appointment $10 $15 $20
Nutritional Analysis $10 $20 $35


* Ask about our discounted prices for Herbert Wellness Center members who have purchased a personal training package.

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