Team UM Training Resources

Home-based Training Program Schedules (for walkers and joggers)
Train when and where you’d like using this home-based training schedule.

Note: Team UM race participants who train on the Coral Gables campus, but are not members of the Herbert Wellness Center, can sign up for access to the locker room facilities (i.e. showers, lockers, etc.) during the training period by completing and submitting an application for locker room access.  Applications should be submitted to the 2nd floor sales office (7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) for processing before access can be granted.

Additional Training Resources

Training Resources for Runners
Learn to Run in 4 Simple Steps
How to Train for Your First 5K
Run Your First 5K
8 Answers to Common 5K Questions
6 Reasons to Run a 5K
5 Ways to Increase Your 5K Speed
Finishing Your 5K Strong
5 Running Workouts to do with a Partner
Breathing Tips for New Runners
Finding the Perfect Running Shoe
The Science Behind Your Socks
Race Mistakes to Avoid

The Beginner 5K Plan (Jeff Galloway)
5K Run: 7-week training schedule for beginners (Mayo Clinic)

Training Resources for Walkers
8 Steps to Create a Walking Workout Plan
6 Tips for Walking A 5K
5 Ways to Make Your Walks a Workout
How to Choose the Right Walking Shoes
Use Your Watch to Walk Better
How to Walk Faster
Once-A-Year Walker’s Survival Kit

5K Walk Training Schedule for Beginners

Training Groups
Local Training Clubs - Walkers and Runners: Join an existing group to help get you ready for the big day!


Additional Fitness Resources