How does a pedometer work?
A pedometer records the total number of steps taken each day. A mechanism inside the device records a “step” each time it detects movement. The pedometer should be clipped slightly behind above your hip bone. In order to maintain consistency, you should place it on the same side as much as you can. The 10k steps a day recommendation is the total number of steps from the time you wake in the morning until the time you go to bed.

Is my pedometer water proof?
NO!!!!! Your pedometer will malfunction if it gets wet.

What are the time requirements involved with Walking Canes 10k-a-day?
The beauty of this program is that there are no formal time requirements. The only requirement is that you complete your goal number of steps each week. Daily steps are recorded from the time you wake up in the morning until the time you go to bed at night. The only requirement is that you record your steps online each week of the program.

I am very active. Should I wear my pedometer during exercise?
If you currently participate in vigorous activities such as group exercise classes, racquet sports, basketball or running, it is a good idea to remove your pedometer during these activities. By doing so, you will avoid excessively high step counts and make your step goals more obtainable. If you are currently active you should focus on increasing your steps accumulated during lifestyle activities.

How are my steps logged?
Every week, you must login your weekly step total at The step total that you enter is total amount of steps you added up the previous seven days on your Walking Canes Log Sheet.

What if I can’t initially complete 10k steps a-day?
Although the ultimate goal is to get all participants to walk at least 10k steps per day, this may be difficult at first. Prior to beginning the walking program you should wear your pedometer each day for a week (7 days). After the week, divide the total number of steps by seven and you will have your daily average. This is your starting point and will be used to determine your weekly goals. You are on your way to 10k-a-day!!!

What if I miss a check-in?
Each participant is allowed to miss two check-ins and still participate in the program. If you cannot complete an online check-in at by Monday evening , then it is your responsibility to email your step count and pedometer number to . If a participant misses more than two check-ins, they may continue with the program however they cannot compete for prizes.

What if I lose my pedometer?
If you lose your pedometer, you can purchase another pedometer for $15 from the Herbert Wellness Center . This is non-refundable, even if you do complete the program.

What happens if I accidentally reset my pedometer?
Accidents happen! If your pedometer is accidentally reset, immediately record the number of steps you last recall on your log sheet, then add the total you had for the remainder of the day. You may lose a few steps for the day, but since your are recording your daily steps each night, the remaining days of the week should make up for these lost steps.

Why should I actually walk the steps when I can shake my pedometer?
Believe it or not, these people exist! But in order to back-up the actual number of steps that one walks we have decided to also keep track of weight loss. The average person burns about 100 calories per mile (about 2000 steps). So, if one is indeed increasing their number of steps then they should also be increasing the amount of calories they burn which will result in weight loss. During the Walking Cane 10k-a-day, bonus points are rewarded for weight loss.

How does the point system work?
Each week that you succeed at completing your goal number of steps, you will receive 10 points. For example, if Jane’s goal for the week is 2000 steps and she checks in with 2222 steps then she receives 10 points for meeting her goal.

If you do not achieve your goal number of steps, but you exceed your previous week’s goal and got half way there, then you will receive three points . Let’s assume Jane’s first during check-in she recorded 1600 steps and her new goal is 2000 steps. If she only achieves 1875 steps, then she earns three points for that week.

Points are also award for weight loss. At the beginning and at the end of the program you will be weighed during your check-in. Each participant will receive 10 points for every 1% of weight loss.


For additional information, visit or call the Wellness Enrichment Suite at 305-284-LIFE (5433).