SHAPE-UP is an incentive program designed to encourage the development of a healthy lifestyle through participation in fitness and wellness programs. Full-time and regular part-time UM faculty and staff, and their spouses/domestic partners who have UM health insurance, are eligible to earn a 20% rebate on the cost of a Wellness Center membership. In order to participate, all you have to do is purchase a minimum of 4-months membership and earn 42 points within that time frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

I hear that I am able to earn a 20% rebate on my membership if I participate in SHAPE-UP.  What do I have to do?
You must purchase a minimum 4-month membership to be eligible for SHAPE UP.  If you earn 42 SHAPE UP points within that continuous four-month membership period, you will receive a 20% rebate on your membership fees. Your spouse/domestic partner must also purchase a minimum 4-month membership and show proof of eligibility by bringing their UM health insurance card to the membership office verifying that he/she is enrolled in the UM health plan.

How do I obtain a SHAPE UP Point?
Exercising for a period of 30 or more continuous minutes, or attending a wellness/fitness lecture or assessment will get you one SHAPE UP point.

I’m not interested in working out.  Can I obtain all my points by attending wellness lectures?
No.  There is a limit to the number of lectures (and assessments) that will count towards your point total.  Exercise for health is the main focus of this program. You can accumulate points for two lectures and two assessments during an entire Shape-up period

Do I have to be working out with weights or on machines in the fitness room to obtain points?
No.  Any type of physical activity counts - that may be aerobics, walking, yoga, water exercise,  lap swimming, basketball, racquetball, etc.

Do I get extra points for working out more than 30 minutes?
No.  Thirty minutes is the minimum period of time required to obtain a SHAPE UP point.  Extra time, is of course, beneficial to your overall fitness level, but don’t over do it!

I want to swim laps in the morning and play racquetball in the afternoon, and maybe catch a wellness lecture here and there.  Can I obtain more than one point on one day?
No.  You can only obtain one point each day.

What if I join the Herbert Wellness Center for four months and exercise every day for only two months, then quit.  Can I accumulate all my points within that period of time?
No.  You are able to accumulate only four points each week, so it would be impossible to obtain 42 points within a two month period of time.  Besides, you are only getting started, why quit now?

What if I exercise only twice a week at the Herbert Wellness Center and jog once over the weekend at home - will I be penalized for not using the center?

No.  The whole purpose of this program is to encourage you to consistently exercise.  You will be able to come into the Herbert Wellness Center on Monday and log your weekend activities on the SHAPE-UP computer.  We use the honor system.

I am planning on becoming a member, however, I workout at the Medical campus facility.  Will those workouts be counted toward my SHAPE UP point total?
Yes.  You just need to log that workout on the SHAPE UP computer within 7 days.

Is my spouse/domestic partner also eligible to obtain the 20% rebate?
Yes, provided your spouse is enrolled in the UM health insurance plan. 

When will I receive my rebate?
If you have earned the required 42 points in a continuous four-month period, you will receive a check at the end of the four-month cycle. For example, if your membership period is January 16 through May 16, you will receive a SHAPE UP check in June.

Do I have to apply for the rebate and submit all the paperwork to Benefits Administration who is funding this program?
Employees who purchase a minimum four-month membership are automatically enrolled in SHAPE-UP.  For spouses/domestic partners to enroll, they must come to the membership office with a copy of their UM health insurance card to verify eligibility.

You will be required to participate, follow the guidelines, and be responsible for recording your points on the SHAPE UP computer located in the Fitness Room.