Personal trainers are not just for people who want to lose weight. Individuals at any fitness level can benefit from working with a personal trainer, from the beginner to the athlete and everyone in-between. Here are a few of the many reasons someone may hire a personal trainer:

  • Motivation
  • Knowledgeable guidance
  • Overcoming plateaus
  • Increasing fitness or performance level
  • Updating fitness assessments and goals
  • Enhancing overall health and quality of life
Herbert Wellness Center Personal Trainers

Personal trainers at the Herbert Wellness Center are University of Miami students, typically earning degrees in an exercise related field such as exercise science, exercise physiology, sports medicine, or physical therapy. In addition, each trainer is certified through a nationally recognized organization and exhibits practical and intellectual competency and leadership in fitness.  Trainers work under the direct supervision of the Assistant Director, Fitness and Personal Training, and receive regular continuing education to stay up to date on fitness trends and training techniques.


For additional information, visit or call the Wellness Suite at 305-284-LIFE (5433).