The following recommendations are based on the general format of the group exercise classes; however, all instructors are trained to provide modifications for exercisers of different levels. Use these recommendations to help guide your choice of which classes to try based on your level of physical fitness.

A - Just starting out
B - Working your way to the top
C - Experienced/Maintaining your fitness


Body Melt: Relax and lengthen with a 15-30 minute full body stretch. (A, B, C)

Body Power
: Get an intense total body work out using only bodyweight and yoga/pilates inspired movements. (B, C)

Cardio Kickboxing: A workout combining high and low impact kicks, punches, and martial arts techniques. (B, C)

Cardio Interval: A little bit of anything cardio (step, kickboxing, plyometrics). May include strength training. (A, B, C)

Core Conditioning: A class strictly devoted to the muscles in your torso. (A, B, C)

Glide and Sculpt: A sculpting class incorporating the use of gliding discs. (A, B, C)

Guts-n-Butts: A one hour class devoted to strengthening and toning the lower body and the core. (B, C)

Ibis Express: A 15-minute resistance training circuit designed to provide effective results in an efficient manner. The program may be performed at any time; however, you may sign up during the scheduled sessions (M-W-F 12 :00 p.m. -1:00 p.m.) to receive assistance and guidance through the routine. Call the Fitness Desk at 305-284-8507 to make an appointment. (A, B, C)

Rock Bottoms: Half an hour of lower body work set to rock music. (B, C)

Sport Circuit: A high intensity boot-camp style class blending plyometrics, agility drills, circuits, speed work, and core challenging moves. (B, C)

Step: A class using step choreography to give the body an incredible cardiovascular work out. (A, B, C)

Step Interval: This class is a high-intensity cardiovascular workout using step choreography with intervals of either strength or other forms of cardio. (B, C)

Strength Interval: Muscle burning class that incorporates intervals of cardiovascular exercise. (B, C)

Super Sculpt: Get a total body workout using the step, weights, bars and bands to tone from head to toe. (A, B, C)

Super Step: Challenge your mind and body to keep up with this advanced step choreography! (C)

Upper Body Sculpt: A class strictly devoted to the muscles in your upper body. (A, B, C)

Water Aerobics: Improve cardiovascular endurance and increase strength without the stress on the joints. (A, B, C)

Zumba: Combines high energy and motivating Latin music with unique moves and combinations. (A, B, C)