Canes Health Assessment and Motivation Program

The CHAMP is the Department of Wellness and Recreation"s comprehensive fitness assessment and education program which is FREE for students.

The CHAMP assessment consists of a simple battery of tests to determine your current fitness level. Regular fitness assessment allows you to track your progress and fine-tune your fitness program. Each CHAMP appointment last about 60 minutes and measures the following components of fitness:

  * Cardiovascular Fitness
      Submaximal bike or treadmill test

  * Body Composition
      3- site skinfold calipers
      Body mass index
      Waist circumference

  * Muscular Fitness
      Push-up test
      Curl- up test
      Grip stength test

  * Flexibility
      Sit and reach test

After each assessment a CHAMP peer counselor will review your results and help you set reasonable goals and a basic exercise plan. To ensure progress, it is suggested that you perform a CHAMP assessment every 8-10 weeks.

CHAMP Interest Form

To get started or to learn more about how to register for your FREE CHAMP assessment, please complete the form below.

CHAMP assessment is also available to Wellness members and community members for a nominal fee. To make an appointment with a CHAMP consultant, contact the Wellness Suite at 305-284-5433. Prior to your initial visit, you must complete a Fitness Laboratory Registration , Pre-Participation Questionnaire (PPQ) and read the Pre-test Preparation Instructions. Please fax or return the completed forms to the Wellness Suite (fax number 305-284-8517). Once we receive your forms, we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Once you start the CHAMP program you can track your progress in our CHAMP online module.

The CHAMP program is free to all University of Miami Students courtesy of an endowment provided by Patti and Allan Herbert.