The Fitness Laboratory at the Herbert Wellness Center

The fitness laboratory provides scientific support to help individuals meet their goals. Our services and expertise can answer the following questions:

-Am I losing body-fat and gaining muscle?
-How many calories should I eat to lose weight?
-What is the ideal heart rate I should maintain while exercising?

In addition, the lab allows us to track a client’s progress and offer them a “report card” regarding their exercise program.

Fitness Laboratory Services

Body Composition

Using the highly accurate BOD-POD, we will measure your body fat mass and lean body mass. Excess body-fat is associated with increased risk of disease and may hinder athletic performance. This is the same protocol used to measure the body composition of the Miami Hurricane student athletes.Time required: approximately 15-30 minutes

VO 2 max (Maximal Oxygen Uptake)

This maximal exercise test determines your rate of oxygen consumption, training heart rate zones, and ventilatory threshold. VO2 max testing is the gold standard for individuals who truly need specific heart rate training information (i.e. runners, tri-athletes). Time required: approximately 60 minutes

Computerized Dietary Analysis

For those interested in improving their eating habits, the computerized dietary analysis provides a detailed breakdown of various nutrients in your diet and a basic consultation on how to improve to meet your goals. Time required: 3 days (to complete food log) and approximately 45 minutes for the consultation.

Resting Metabolic Rate

Ever wonder exactly how many calories you need each day? Data collected from this 30-minute exam will provide you with information on your daily caloric requirements. A computerized report details exactly how many calories a day you need to fulfill your weight loss or weight gain goals. This information is critical for providing a sound weight-modification program. Time required: approximately 45-60 minutes

Basic Fitness Assessment

A “fitness report card” is the best way to describe this assessment. This simple protocol will test cardiovascular fitness, body composition, muscular fitness and health variables. Your results are compared to others your age/gender and general exercise recommendations are provided to help you improve. Time required: approximately 60 minutes

Service Student Member Non-Student Member Non-member
Bod Pod $10 $35 $50
Basic Fitness Assessment CHAMP (Free) $45 $60
VO2 Max Test $50 $80 $110
Resting Metabolic Rate $30 $50 $70
Computerized Dietary Analysis $30 $50 $70

For more information regarding any laboratory testing or services please contact the Wellness Suite at 305-284-5433.

Prior to your initial visit, you must complete the Health History Questionnaire.