Please read carefully.

1. Payment for all personal training sessions must be made through the Sales Office in the Wellness Enrichment Suite.  At no time should any form of compensation be made to the trainer by the client as payment for personal training services.

2. All personal training appointments must begin on time and end one hour after the scheduled starting time.  Any time lost due to client tardiness is considered part of the appointment and is non-refundable.  Personal trainers are expected to wait 15 minutes for a client at which time it is their discretion whether to keep the appointment.

3. If a client cancels a session within 24 hours of the scheduled meeting time, the client will forfeit that session.  If the trainer cancels a session within 24 hours of the scheduled meeting time, the trainer will be required to provide a complimentary session for the inconvenience.

4. Clients must purchase personal training sessions prior to the scheduled session.

5. Clients will have full responsibility for their choice of a personal trainer.  If the client does not have a preference then the Assistant Director of Personal Training will recommend a trainer.  This recommendation is based solely on the personal trainer’s availability and qualifications to meet the client’s goals.  A client can request a different trainer at any time by contacting the Assistant Director of Personal Training.

For additional information, visit or call the Sales Office at 305-284-LIFE (5433).