Pre-Course Preparation

One to two weeks prior to the scheduled training, class participants should pick up and review the course workbook (and CD-rom if applicable).The Heartsaver courses cover a lot of material in a short time. Please read the workbook before you come to the course. Also, you should review the video clips on your student CD, which will help you learn more during the course, as well as make you more comfortable with the material. Participants should bring their workbook with them to the training.

What to Wear. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. You will be practicing skills that require working on your hands and knees, bending, standing, and lifting. If you have any physical conditions that might prevent these activities, please tell one of the instructors. The instructor may be able to adjust the equipment if you have back, knee, or hip problems. Also please tell your instructor if you are allergic to latex.

Cancellation Policy

Participants should arrive for training early. Students who are late will have difficulty catching up once the training has begun. The doors to the classroom will be closed five minutes after the start of the class - if you have not arrived by this time, you will be considered absent and your registration fee will not be returned. If you are unable to attend a class you have registered for, you must cancel at least 24 business hours prior to the scheduled training to retrieve your registration fee and allow space for someone else who would like to become participate.

Employees of the Wellness Center

Employees of the Herbert Wellness Center are strongly encouraged to become certified in Heartsaver CPR and the proper use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).  As such, employees of the Herbert Wellness Center are welcome to register for a designated Heartsaver CPR course at no cost to the employee.  If you are a Herbert Wellness Center employee interested in taking a free Heartsaver CPR course, please inform your supervisor and register for a course. Employees who fail to attend a course for which they have registered will be charge the full course fee unless the registration is canceled at least 24 business hours prior to the start of the class.