Mini Canes Recreational Sports Camp offers volunteer opportunities to high school students via the Program Aide Program. Program Aides (PA) are assistants to Counselors, or Counselor-in-training. PA’s work collaboratively with two counselors, fellow PA’s, and their camper group each day to ensure that campers have a safe and fun camp experience. 

Program Aides must be at least 14 years of age and proof of age is required for new applicants.

PA Responsibilities

PAs may volunteer for either 2 or 4 two-week camp sessions. PAs must be available for all days of the sessions for which they are assigned. In addition, they are expected to be present for the entire time period to which they have committed - no exceptions. All Program Aides are required to attend a mandatory information session at 1 p.m. on the Saturday before the start of Camp Session 1.

Program Aide Expectations:

  • wear camp staff t-shirt daily
  • participate in activities with campers with enthusiasm and energy
  • model good behavior, sportsmanship and professionalism
  • check campers in and out
  • organize snack breaks
  • escort campers to other venues, rest room, locker rooms, etc.
  • assist and/or lead instruction of activities
  • participate in Friday Extravaganza
  • assist arts and crafts, wellness, and movement
  • assist children who need extra instruction (i.e. how to hold a baseball bat)
  • bring a disruptive child to the attention of the counselor
  • assist with supervision of campers while in the locker room during swimming
  • assist with equipment set-up, carnival days and sport days
  • assist with clean-up after activities are concluded
  • bring lunch daily
  • other duties as assigned

What not to Do

  • administer first aid to an injured camper
  • discipline a camper physically
  • use profanity or other inappropriate language
  • discuss inappropriate topics during camp
  • leave the group without informing the Counselors
  • take a large number of children by him/herself
  • fool around or cause campers to misbehave during activities
  • touch or pick up campers or other volunteers in an inappropriate manner
  • use cellular phones or other electronic devices during camp hours
2016 Application

We are no longer accepting applications for Mini canes Camp 2016.

High school students interested in becoming a Program Aide should complete a Program Aide application and submit it to the Mini Canes Recreational Sports Camp staff prior to the listed application deadline. Before completing the application, students should be certain that they are able to attend the entire volunteer time period s/he is requesting.

Applicants accepted into the program will be notified within two weeks of the application deadline via mailed acceptance letter. Given that Mini Canes Recreational Sports Camp receives many applications each year, all applicants cannot be guaranteed a volunteer position. Returning Program Aides will be given priority over new applicants provided that they received a satisfactory counselor evaluation from the previous summer.

The Benefits of Community Service

There are probably as many reasons for your participation in this program as there are Program Aides. Whether you need volunteer service hours for your school, you get easily bored and enjoy a lot of activity, or you just want to get out of the house for the summer this can be an incredible experience!

In addition to all the benefits of having work experience for your future resume and job references, you will have the opportunity to meet new friends your own age with whom you will be working as fellow Program Aides. This is a volunteer position that can be used toward satisfying your school requirements for community service.

Although it is sometimes difficult to do so because of the hectic nature of some activities, you will be allowed one “off period” each day which you may take either during swimming or recreational games. Please feel free at this time to swim, play racquetball, or work out. We encourage you to take the opportunity to get to know the counselors, find out what college life is like, what their career goals and their majors are as a beginning to your own exploration in this area in the near future.

Official community service letters detailing the service and number of hours completed are given to volunteers on their final day of volunteer work.