Every day our campers visit Mrs. Greene’s classroom for art class. Campers create beautiful art projects using a variety of art materials and techniques that become increasingly challenging as campers grow older and develop their art skills. Art project materials include working with fabric paint, glitter, clay, decorative sand, crayons and markers, puffy paint, water colors, beads, lanyard strings, and more.   

Art Shows

Campers display their art creations at the art show the second Thursday of every camp session. Parents and guest are encouraged to visit the Herbert Wellness Center Atrium to see their child’s art work. The art show runs from Thursday morning to Friday morning. Campers collect their art projects during art class on the last day of the camp session to take home.


Once a week in arts and crafts, Mrs. Greene shows campers how to whip up a delicious treat during their arts and crafts time.  Campers learn how to read recipes, apply various cooking techniques, and then they get to eat their creations!

Cookbook Archive

At the end of the summer, campers are given a collection of the recipes they’ve made.  These recipes can be found below.

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