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Mini Canes Recreational Sports Camp offers educational recreational experiences in a high-quality, fun and safe learning environment to children aged 6-12 years old. The goal of Mini Canes Camp is to teach campers the importance of developing lifelong sports and recreation skills, all while having fun.

Camp is divided into four two-week sessions. Each session offers a wide variety of sports and other activities for a fun-filled summer. In addition to the "Sport of the Week" and special events, campers can swim, play sports, and take part in a variety of other indoor games and activities. Educational emphasis is placed on developing a lifestyle with health, fitness and safety in mind.

Campers are divided into groups according to age. Special attention is paid to the individual age and skill level of each camper. For the safety of the campers, requests to change groups will not be accepted.

Group Age
Canes 6
Manatees 7
Panthers 8
Dolphins 9
Marlins 10
Heat 11-12

Mini Canes Camp has been named one of the top summer camps in Miami-Dade County by South Florida Parenting Magazine six times, and is run by energetic, well-qualified University of Miami professionals, Miami-Dade County teachers, and college students.

Program Highlights
The many features of the Herbert Wellness Center allow campers to participate in a variety of recreational sports and leisure activities. Activities may include: daily swim lessons, sports and games, wellness education, arts and crafts and cooking lessons. Sports frequently taught include basketball, kickball, flag football, soccer, softball and racquet sports.
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Mini Canes Camp 2016 - Session 4

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