Schedules for most intramurals will be ready the day of the captain’s meeting. At the meeting, each team captain will give his/her email address. Once all the schedules are ready, they will be posted to this web-site and can be seen here. Team managers/captains must be present to the meeting in order to review all the information and to provide an email. If a team is not represented at this meeting, they will forfeit $20 of their forfeit bond. The playoff captain’s meeting will take place just before the playoffs begin. If a team is not represented at this meeting they will lose another $10 from their forfeit bond. 
Do not call and ask for a schedule! No schedules will be given out over the phone!

Playoff Structure
All teams that do not forfeit two games during the regular season and do not have any pending Advisory Board issues will be scheduled for the playoffs.

Within the division: Win/Loss Record, Head to Head, Overall Point Differential, Sportsmanship Rating, Coin Toss
Outside of your division: Win/Loss Record, Overall Point Differential, Sportsmanship Rating, Coin Toss

All teams who have a .500 winning percentage or better in major sports and fulfill the sportsmanship requirements will advance to the playoffs. All teams who are below .500 will play in a ?B? bracket, but will not have the right to a champion shirt/shorts or to play in the championship games against the ?A? bracket or the Greeks.

Note: At the beginning of playoffs, teams will play on their normally scheduled days, if at all possible. However, this is not possible toward the end of play-offs. Teams must be flexible with their schedules during playoffs.

Special Event Tournament Structure
Regular tournaments will be structured with byes awarded to first place teams within each league. 
Drawings for seeded tournaments will schedule the first place team against the last place team; the second place team against the second to the last, etc. 
Special Events will be structured as follows: a single elimination tournament with a blind draw, modified timing and scoring and any other changes deemed necessary to complete the tournament in one day.