There will be a Field Goal Competition before play begins

1)    Longest Field-Goal Competition: Scoring in this competition is based on a point system. The Participant with the longest field goal yardage of the day will win the Longest Field-Goal competition. In the event of a tie, tying Participants will be asked to complete in one (or more as needed) additional field goal attempt(s) until a single remaining tying Participant has obtained the longest field goal yardage of the remaining tying Participants.

1.    Anyone with an active Cane Card is eligible to participate.

2.    The supervisor reserves the right to alter the game times to fit the day.

3.    A coin toss will be done to determine home and visitors.

4.    Game will be set to All American Mode

5.    Weather will be set to random

6.    Penalty settings will be set to standard

7.    4 quarters will be played with each one set at 3 minutes (regular clock)

8. Overtime will be played if necessary

9. Mercy Rule will be 22 points anytime during the game. The losing team will have the opportunity to make one more drive to avoid this rule

10. Each participant may choose their team:

a.    Teams are to be set to Default Settings

b.    Participants may choose the same teams to compete against each other

c.    No playbooks or custom audibles will be allowed.

11. Championship Game

a.    4 minute quarters will be played regular clock

b.    Game will be held at the respective year’s champion site (i.e. Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, etc.)

12. A single elimination bracket will be drawn by the supervisor on-site.

13. All other issues will be addressed by the on-site supervisor.