1. The tournament will be played on the XBOX 360 game console.
2. The tournament game will be EA Sports NCAA March Madness
3. All participants will play with their team of choice but must play with that team through out the tournament.
4. Intramural supervisors will be responsible for setting up each game prior to play.
5. The tournament format is (single-elimination).
6. The home team will be determined by a coin flip prior to the start of each game
7. The length of each game will consist of two (2) 5 minute halves.
8. An overtime period will be played if necessary.
9. All games will be played on Varsity Level setting.
10. No Instant Replays during games will be viewed.
11. If any game is not completed for any reason beyond human control such as power failure or the game freezing, the game will be restarted and the previous unfinished game will be void.
12. If a participant purposely causes the game to be unfinished by pulling a plug or resetting the XBOX 360 unit, the participant will be disqualified.
13. All decisions made by the IM supervisors are final
14. Use of memory cards, wireless links, etc. is strongly prohibited