**All NFHS rules apply with the following modifications

Table of Contents:

Rule 1.        The Game, Court, Players, and Equipment

Rule 2.        Time Factors and Substitutions

Rule 3.        Scoring

Rule 4.        General Game Rules

Rule 5.        Conduct of Players, Advisory Board

Rule 6.        Co-recreational Rules

Rule 1.  Players, Substitutions, and Equipment

A.  The Game

1.    Each team consists of six (6) players. A team may start, or play with a minimum of four (4) players.

2.    Teams in the Open Division will be allowed an unlimited number of Volleyball Club members. However, Fraternity Division teams will be allowed a maximum of two Volleyball Club members for the entire season.

B.  Start of the Game

1.    Before the start of the match, the referee shall conduct a coin toss to determine the choice of serve or court.

2.    At the beginning of the game, players shall take their respective positions in the order given to the scorer. The lineup may be changed each new game.

C.  Match Format

1.    The match will be best two out of three games.

2.    Games will be to 25 points, win by two. Rally scoring in every game.

3.  If a third game is needed, a coin toss will decide sides/ball. On the 12th point by a team, both teams will change sides and the serve remains the same.

D.  Court

1.    The outdoor courts of the Wellness Center will be used.

2.    Men’s games will be played at men’s height and all women’s and co-rec games will be played at women’s height.

3.    An official volleyball approved by the IM Department will be used.

Rule 2.  Time Factors and Substitutions

A.  Timing

1.    Each team gets one (1) time-out per game of the match.

2.    There will be no time limit on the games due to rally scoring.

B.  Substitutions

1.    A player may enter into the game only when the ball is dead.

2.    A substitute may only enter into the game in the server’s position before the ball is served. The substitute must be the new server.

Rule 3.  Scoring

A.  Rally scoring will be used in all games.  A point will be scored on every serve regardless of which team served the ball.

B.  Games will be to 25 win by 2 with no cap.

Rule 4.  General Game Rules

A.  Serving and Rotation

1.    A team shall continue serving until a side-out occurs or the game is completed.

2.    The right back player of the serving team shall be the first server of the game.  Thereafter, the player rotating from the right forward to the right back position shall be the server (clockwise rotation).  Rotation occurs after opponents side-out.

3.    The server may serve the ball anywhere behind the back line.

4.    Serves MAY hit the net and be in play as long as they land in bounds.

5.    Rotation shall be clockwise, following the first serve by each team.

6.    Attacking a serve is not permitted.

7.    It is legal to set a serve as long as it is not considered a carry or a push.

B.  Playing the Ball

1.    Whenever striking the ball with the palms up, the fingers must be clinched. The ball must be clearly hit. When the ball visibly comes to rest at contact, in the opinion of the official, the player has committed a carrying violation.

2.    Legal contact is a touch of the ball by any part of the player’s body which does not allow the ball to come to rest or prolonged contact with a player’s body.

3.    A team is allowed three touches in order to return the ball onto the opponent’s side of the net. If a player first contacts the ball while attempting to make a block, that team still has three touches to return the ball over the net.

4.    Blocking is permitted by any player; but only those in front row may contact the ball above the net.  Back row players are allowed to make contact with the ball above the net behind the attack line.

5.    When returning a ball, a player may follow through over the net, provided they first contact the ball on their side of the net and they do not touch the net on their follow through.

6.    There exists a plane (white basketball lines) in which a team may not break in order to play the ball. This rule only applies when playing on the outdoor courts.

7.    A ball played off any part of the body is a legal hit, provided it does not hit off of two parts in one attempt.  The attempt of kicking at the ball is legal.

8.    A ball that lands with any part on the out of bounds line is considered in play.

9.    A ball that passes outside the antennae, or contacts the antennae will be considered out of play.

C.  Net Play

1.    A player shall not contact any part of the net or its supports, while the ball is in play.  It is not a foul if a player did not actually contact the net by their own momentum or if the ball is driven into the net so that the net contacts an opposing player or players.

2.    A ball may be played (recovered) from the net.

3.    Players in the act of blocking may reach across the net, but may not contact the ball on the other side if an opponent has an opportunity to return the ball (i.e. roofing).

4.    A back line player may be on but not over the 10 foot line when spiking the ball above the net.  His/her takeoff to attack the ball must be from behind this line, but they may land over the line.

D.  Faults

1.    Center line violation:  occurs when a player’s entire foot crosses the line, or when a part of the foot crosses the centerline and contacts an opponent.

2.    Side-out:  when a violation or failure to return the ball by the serving team.

3.    Foot fault:  when any part of a player’s foot contacts the end line while serving.

4.    Double foul:  when players on opposing teams commit violations simultaneously. This will result in a replay, no points scored, no side-out.

Rule 5.  Conduct of Players and Advisory Board

A.  Player Conduct

1.    At no time will any player or spectator disrespect the officials of the game.

2.    Yellow and red cards will be given out just as soccer.

3.    Two yellow cards equal a red card and will result in that player being self-suspended and will require them to appear before the IM Advisory Board.

B.  Advisory Board

1.    The IM Advisory Board is made up of students from all areas of campus.

2.    The board meets weekly when necessary and their decisions are final.

3.    If a player is ejected, they must call 305-284-8501 to schedule their hearing.

4.    Once a player is ejected they are self-suspended until they appear to the board.

5.    If the ejected player chooses not to appear, he/she will remain suspended.  This means he/she is not allowed to play in any Intramural or Special Event until he/she appears before the board.

6.    If he/she does not to contact the IM office within one week, the team that he/she was affiliated with will become suspended until the ejected player schedules a meeting with the Advisory Board.

Rule 6.  Co-Recreational Rules

A.  All normal volleyball rules apply except the following:

1.    A team consists of six (6) players, three (3) men and three (3) women. However, teams are permitted to compete with as few as four (4) players as long as the minimum number of men and women is equal.

2.    The net will be set at women’s height.

3.    Serving order and player position must alternate between men and women.

4.    When the ball is hit more than once by a team, a member of each gender must hit the ball (i.e., the ball is hit 3 times on one side: female, female, male; legal – it does not have to be hit alternately by each gender).

5.    A male may be brought from the back row to block after the serve when there are two women in the front row normally. There may not be three men in the front row at anytime to block.

6.    No male is allowed to spike. Spiking is defined as an attack playing which the ball is forcibly hit into the opponent’s court with one-hand overhead motion.