The Game:     

1.    Each team consists of seven (7) players.

2.    Co-Rec teams can play with either 4 male, 3 female or vice versa but only a differential of one per gender.

3.    Each field of play is 40x60 yards with 20 yard endzones.

Beginning the Game:

1.            A flip of the coin will determine which team will receive.

2.            Each team faces one another from behind the line (known as the goal line) which marks their endzone, and the disc is thrown towards the receiving team.


1.            One point is scored when the offense is in possession of the disc inside their opponent’s endzone.

2.            The first team to score 19 points wins.

General Rules:

1.            Discs will be provided by the Intramural Department although teams may agree on any disc.

2.            Games are played to 19 points or 55 minutes, which ever comes first.

3.            There will be a 10-second stall rule.

4.            When a game is called due to time, the point that is being played must be finished out.  Therefore, a team losing by 1 point has a chance to tie.

5.            Games will begin a throw off which is done by one team lined up on their own goal line.  The receiving team is lined up on their goal line until the ball is thrown.

6.            The receiving team may or may not catch the throw off.  If into the endzone, it is a touchback and taken from that goal line.  If the throw off is dropped, it still belongs to the receiving team.

7.            The disc may never be handed – it must always be thrown.

8.            No player may move while in possession of the disc.  He/she may pivot on one foot in any direction, as in basketball.

9.            The disc may be thrown in any direction.

10.        No more than one person may guard a thrower.

11.        The defensive team gains possession of the disc whenever the offensive team’s pass is incomplete, intercepted, knocked down or goes out-of-bounds.

12.        If a player makes a catch in bounds and his/her momentum takes them out of bounds, it is a completed catch and the player returns to the spot where he/she crossed out.

13.        Out-of-bounds throws are taken over by the opposing team at the point where the disc when out.  If the disc goes out after crossing the goal line, the opposing team may throw in from either corner of the endzone at the goal line.

14.        No player will be allowed to smack the disc out of another player’s hands.

15.        Defense must stay one frisbee length away from the thrower at all times.

16.        There are no picks or screens down field at any time.

17.        All players must follow the “spirit of the rules”.

18.        All games will be self-officiated and any disputes should be taken to the on-site IM Supervisor.

19.        All players must have a valid Cane Card and must show it to the YFA building prior to playing to have it swiped and their hand stamped.  Any player playing without a stamp must leave the game immediately and receive a stamp.