*All normal DWR racquetball rules prevail with the following modifications:

Players, Courts, and Equipment

      o Team
          + A team consists of four (4) people: two (2) singles players and one (1) doubles team. The position that players begin playing that particular night is the position they must continue until that match is done. The following match they may switch to any other position.
          + The minimum number of players must be two (2). You may forfeit the doubles games, but win both the singles games in order to win the match.
      o Courts
          + All three games, 2 singles games and a doubles game will be played simultaneously at the Wellness Center Racquetball Courts.
          + The Intramural Department will reserve courts for each match of the league.
      o Equipment
          + All equipment will be provided by the Wellness Center and may be checked out with an active Cane Card or each participant may use their own.

  * Matches and Scoring
      o A match consists of three (3) contests – two (2) singles games, one (1) doubles game.
      o To win a match, the team must win two out of three contests – any combination.

  * General Game Rules
      o All matches must wear protective eye guards which will be available through intramurals. The racquets can be checked out with a Cane Card at the Pro Shop.
      o There will be little to no time for warm-ups and you must be at the courts at the time of the game, GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME!
      o Before each match, each of the participants must discuss the rules in which they would like to play.
      o The Intramural Department does not require teams to use specific rules, although both teams must agree upon rules before the match begins or the IM supervisor on duty will declare which rules to use. Be sure to whatever rules are chosen, they fit into the time scheduled for each match.
      o If a specific rule is not discussed and comes into question, the IM Supervisor will make one final decision for the rest of the match.

      o Any player may be ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct in the opinion of the IM Supervisor on-duty. Ejections carry an appearance before the Advisory Board (see next rule) before he/she can play again.
      o Any team can be forfeited for continued unsportsmanlike conduct by the IM Supervisor on-duty. The team will then be suspended from play until they appear before the Advisory Board.

          + The IM Advisory Board is made up of students from all areas of campus.
          + The board meets weekly when necessary and their decisions are final.
          + If a player is ejected, they must call 305-284-8501 to schedule their hearing.
          + Once a player is ejected they are self-suspended until they appear to the board.
          + If the ejected player chooses not to appear, he/she will remain suspended. This means he/she is not allowed to play in any Intramural or Special Event until he/she appears before the board.
          + If he/she does not to contact the IM office within one week, the team that he/she was affiliated with will become suspended until the ejected player schedules a meeting with the Advisory