**All Intramural Volleyball rules apply with the following modifications

Table of Contents:

Rule 1.      Players, Substitutions, and Equipment

Rule 2.      Matches and Scoring

Rule 3.      General Game Rules

Rule 4.      Conduct of Players and Advisory Board

Rule 5.      Co-recreational Rules

Rule 1.  Players, Substitutions, and Equipment

A.    Each team consists of four (4) players. A team may start, or play with a minimum of two (2) players.

B.    Subs may enter during any dead ball into any position.

C.    Subs that leave may not reenter until after the next serve by either team.

Rule 2.  Matches and Scoring

A.    Matches are played “best-of-three” with the first team to two games wins.

B.    Each game will be played with rally scoring to 21 points, win by 2, or the first team to 25 points.

C.    If necessary the IM supervisor may institute a time limit on each match of 30 minutes per match.  Semifinals and championship matches will have no time limit.

Rule 3.  General Game Rules

A.    All games will take place at the Eaton Residential College’s sand volleyball pits.  Teams should report to the courts and see the IM supervisor to sign in.  All players signing in for at least one game during the season will be eligible to play in the playoffs.

B.    Games will be self-officiated.  If disputes occur, a replay will result.  A IM supervisor may be used to resolve any other problems.

C.    The team winning the coin toss shall name their choice of serve or side.  The teams will switch sides and serve on the second game.  If a third game is needed, another coin toss will result.

D.    The server may serve from anywhere behind the end line.

E.    Players may not attack or block the serve.  It is legal to set a serve.

F.    Serves may hit the net and be in play.

G.    There are no restrictions on player alignment and any player may attack above the net.


A.    Any player may be ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct in the opinion of the IM Supervisor on-duty.  Ejections carry an appearance before the Advisory Board (see next rule) before he/she can play again.

B.    Any team can be forfeited for continued unsportsmanlike conduct by the IM Supervisor on-duty.  The team will then be suspended from play until they appear before the Advisory Board.


1.    The IM Advisory Board is made up of students from all areas of campus.

2.    The board meets weekly when necessary and their decisions are final.

3.    If a player is ejected, they must call 305-284-8501 to schedule their hearing.

4.    Once a player is ejected they are self-suspended until they appear to the board.

5.    If the ejected player chooses not to appear, he/she will remain suspended.  This means he/she is not allowed to play in any Intramural or Special Event until he/she appears before the board.

6.    If he/she does not to contact the IM office within one week, the team that he/she was affiliated with will become suspended until the ejected player schedules a meeting with the Advisory Board.

Rule 5.  Co-Recreational Rules

A.    All normal sand volleyball rules apply except the following:

1.    Teams may play with an uneven number of each gender if a team only has 3 players.  If the team plays with 4 players, the team must play with 2 male and 2 female players or with 3 players it must be 2 male and 1 female or 2 females and 1 male.

2.    There are no restrictions on either gender on net play, as the height of the net is men’s height.

3.    When the ball is hit more than once by a team, a female member must hit the ball.