I.    Teams

The tournament will be played by doubles teams of 2

II.  Pitcher’s Box

The pitcher’s box is the square 6 ft by 6 ft area at each end of the court.

III. Pitching Distances

A.  Males - Male contestants shall pitch from on or behind the full distance platforms adjacent to the pits and observe the 35 foot foul lines. 

B.  Females - Female contestants may pitch from any place on the full-distance or extended platforms and observe the 25 foot foul lines

IV.    Beginning the Game

Each game will begin with the flip of a shoe or coin. The winner of the flip will have choice of first or second pitch.

V. Play of the Game and Point Values

A.  The game will be broken down into innings. Each inning consists of eight pitched shoes, two by each contestant per team.

B.  In doubles play, two contestants are partners against another team of two contestants.

C.  Each team uses one pair of shoes and the contestants stay at the same end of the court for the entire game.  Their partners at the other end shall decide and call the score, retrieve the shoes and pitch them back and the same procedure is followed.

D.  The decision on who pitches first is done by whoever scores in the previous inning.

E.  Delivery of Shoes

1. The contestant pitching first shall deliver both shoes (one at a time) and then the other contestant shall deliver both shoes (one at a time). A contestant may deliver the shoes from either the left or right platform but, in any one inning, both shoes must be delivered from the same platform.

F.  Point Values:

1. Ringer - A shoe which comes to rest encircling the stake. A ringer has a value of 3 points.

2. Leaner - A shoe which is leaning against the stake and has a value of 2 points.

3. Closest – If no ringer or leaner, then the closest shoe will have a value of 1 point. 

VI.    Length of the Game

A.  Point Limit - The game shall be played to 21 points.  The first team to reach (or exceed) that

amount is the winner.

B.  A two inning tie-breaker shall be played, using the same method of play that was used in the game. In the event of another tie, the same process shall be repeated and this procedure shall continue until the tie is broken.