*In addition to the USGA Rules of Golf and Decisions, the following local rules will govern all play.



A.  Teams will consist of 2 players for this best ball scramble tournament.

B.  The student winners will win to compete in The National Golf Championships in Las Vegas in June.

C.  There will be other contests and raffles


A.  Registration and payment must be made at/to the Wellness Center by the deadline.

B.  Every player/team that wishes to play must register in person or contact Tom via phone at 305-284-8518

C.  Once registration is finalized an email or a call will result with tee times and other pertinent information.


        1:00 pm   Progressive Tee Times Begin


A.  Tee Markers: All Men MUST play from the White Tees (Men’s regular tees.) All Women MUST play from the Red Tees (Women’s regular tees.)

B.  Scramble Format:  Each player of a team will attempt a tee shot.  The best shot off the tee will be used for the second shot by both players on that team.  The same format will take place after every shot until the hole is finished and the team will receive one score.

C.  Tee Shots:  Each team is made up of 2 players.  Each team must use both player’s tee shots at least 4 times per front and back nine holes.  Thus each team member’s tee shot will be used at minimum of 8 times for the round.

D.  Marking the Spot:  Each shot that is chosen to shoot the next shot from must be marked at all times.  Each player may place their ball within a club length from the original spot no closer to the hole.  Also, if the original shot is in the rough, both must play from the rough, and so on for the sand or anywhere else.  On the green, each team must mark their spot with a ball marker or a tee.

E.  Putting:  All putts must be made, there are no “gimmies”.

F.  Lateral Water Hazards:  All water hazards will be played as lateral.

G.  Out-of-Bounds:  OB is defined by inside edge of white stakes at ground level by all perimeter fencing and by all vehicular roadways.

H.  Abnormal Ground:  Defined by white encircled lines.  All ornamental flowerbeds are considered ground under repair and relief is mandatory.  (No closer to the hole)

I.  Pace of Play:  Players are advised to maintain pace with the group in front of them.  A group is deemed out of position when starting play of a hole, which is clear of all players and the elapsed time for the round averages 15 minutes per hole.

J.  Ties:  All ties will be determined by playing a playoff hole (time permitting) or by the golf course.

K. Closest-to-the-Pin & Longest Drive: These two competitions will occur twice on selected holes (4 total.)