*  The league will be on ESPN Fantasy Football Website
  * All rules for the upcoming fantasy football season can be located on ESPN.COM under fantasy football after joining the league.
  * There will be a live draft, you may however have your pre-draft settings set if you are unable to attend.
  * The season will begin week 1 of the NFL season and continue through week 9. The playoffs will begin week 10 and conclude on week 12 being the championship week.
  * Top 2 in each division based on Winning % will make the playoffs. (Note: there are two sepearate leagues which means a total of 8 teams will make the playoffs.)
  * Playoff brackets will be posted on the intramural website and a link will be provided to view the other team’s starters.
  * The Champion will receive two tickets to a Miami Dolphins game.
  * There are limited spots available and is on a first come, first serve basis.


  A. The website that will be used is ESPN.COM.

All rules are subject to change