·              Entries will be accepted until the event starts

·              All Wellness Center members are welcome to join.

·              There will be one men’s and women’s champion per age group battling for a pound for pound championship.

·              There will be four age groups in both men’s and women’s divisions:                                          18 – 21

22 – 25

26 - 39

40 – over

·              The formula used to determine the champion is as follows:

*Highest bench weight (in Kilograms) lifted divided by the cubed root of the participant’s (weight minus 35) in kilograms.

        (1 kilogram = 2.214 lbs.)

·              Participants will have 3 attempts to reach their highest bench weight.

·              The head must be placed on the platform facing the Chief Referee.

·              The lifter must lie on their back with head, shoulders, and buttocks in contact with the flat bench surface.  His/her hands must grip the bar with a “thumbs around” grip, thus locking the bar safely in the palms of the hands.  Their shoes must be flat on the floor.  This position shall be maintained throughout the attempt.

·              To achieve firm footing, the lifter may use flat surfaced plates or blocks to build of the surface of the platform.

·              Not more than four and not less than two spotters shall attend.  The lifter may enlist the help of the spotter in removing the bar from the racks.  The lift off, if assisted by the spotter, must be to arms length.

·              The spacing of the hands shall not exceed 81 cm measured between the forefingers.  The use of a reverse grip is forbidden.

·              After removing the bar from the racks, the lifter shall wait with elbows locked for the Chief Referee’s signal.  The signal will be given as soon as the lifter is motionless and the bar properly positioned.

·              The signal shall consist of a downward movement of the arm together with the audible command “start.”

·              After receiving the signal, the lifter must lower the bar to the chest, hold it motionless on the chest with a definite and visible pause and then press upwards with an even extension of the arms to arms length.  Held motionless in this position the audible command “rack” is given.

·              Any other rules may apply by the site director.