Rule 1. Participants
A. Each participant must sign up in the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced bracket according to men or women.

B. Each participant must take the Captain’s Meeting on Blackboard to get their tournament bracket and find out who they are playing and that person’s phone number.

Rule 2. Venue
A. Matches may be played anywhere the two competitors agree to play.  The preferred site is the Neil Schiff Tennis Center located just behind the Wellness Center.

Rule 3. Tournament Matches
A. Each bracket will have deadlines that each round must finish by in the tournament.

B. It is the responsibility of each participant to contact one another to arrange a time to play.  The day and time of each match do not matter to the final tournament bracket, just the winner.

C. Once the match is completed, it is the responsibility of the winner to contact the Intramural Department office at (305) 284-8501 or to find out the next opponent.

D. All matches that are not completed or have not informed the IM offices by the deadline will result in a double forfeit and neither participant will advance.

Rule 4. Game Rules
A. It is entirely up to the two participants in the match to determine the format of that specific match.  Both have to agree before beginning and the player that begins playing must finish the match.

The rules for singles apply except for the following modifications.

Rule 1. Participants
A. Each team must sign up in the Men’s, Women’s or Mixed Doubles bracket according to their team’s gender make-up.