Tournament Rules

1.    All Wellness Center members are welcome to participate in the competition.
2.    The preliminary rounds of the competition will take place out on the outdoor courts of the Wellness Center during Intramural basketball games.
3.    The deadline to enter is on-site each night.
4.    The top two (2) men’s and women’s competitors will be invited to compete for the championship at halftime at a UM Basketball game
5.    Players may compete as many times during the week at $1 per attempt.

Game Rules

1.    Each player will have 1 minute to make as many baskets as possible.
2.    There will be 4 racks with 4 balls around the 3-point arc.
3.    Players will shoot all the balls from each rack before moving on to the next.
4.    Each rack will have 3 regular balls and 1 red, white, and blue (money) ball.
5.    The regular balls are worth 1 point each and the money ball is worth 2 points.
6.    The money ball must be shot last on each rack to be worth 2 points.
7. Any balls that haven’t been shot by the buzzer, will not count.
8. The goal is to receive the highest score after the minute.