The mission of the Club Sports Program is to provide diverse, competitive sports opportunities for students across a broad range of skill levels and experiences. The Club Sports Program is a training ground for leadership, organizational development, and teaching. Ultimately, the mission is realized through a program that promotes an opportunity for all students to participate, and reach their full potential. The Club Sports Program promotes opportunities for students to engage in sporting events, activities, and competitions in the state of Florida, the Southeast, as well as throughout the United States. Contact individual club presidents for more information.

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Federation of Club Sports (FCS)

The Federation of Club Sports establishes guidelines and policies that impact all sports and activities. They act as a unifying force among all existing clubs and encourage the development of new clubs to suit the needs of the student body.

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Club Sports
Club Type
Aikido Non-Competitive
Badminton Non-Competitive
Equestrian Recreational
Baseball Competitive Field
Basketball Competitive Court/Racquet
Beach Volleyball Competitive Court/Racquet
Boxing Competitive Martial Arts
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competitive Martial Arts
Canes Outdoor Recreation Program Non-Competitive
Celtic Canes Non-Competitive
Fencing Competitive Martial Arts
Fishing Non-Competitive
Golf Recreational
Hockey Competitive Court/Racquet
Hurricane Bhangra Competitive Martial Arts
KAOS Non-Competitive
Karate Non-Competitive
Kite Boarding Non-Competitive
Men’s Lacrosse Competitive Field
Women’s Lacrosse Competitive Field
Miami Motion Non-Competitive
Muggle Quidditch Competitive Field
Polo Competitive Field
Racquetball Non-Competitive
Rhythm Nation Non-Competitive
Rock Climbing Non-Competitive
Men’s Rugby Competitive Field
Women’s Rugby Competitive Field
Running Non-Competitive
Sailing Competitive Water
SCUBA Non-Competitive
Men’s Soccer Competitive Field
Women’s Soccer Competitive Field
Squash Competitive Court/Racquet
Swimming & Aquatics Competitive Water
Table Tennis Competitive Court/Racquet
Tae Kwon Do Non-Competitive
Tai Chi Non-Competitive
Tennis Competitive Court/Racquet
Triathlon - TriCanes Recreational
Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Competitive Field
U Jhoom Competitive Martial Arts
Volleyball Competitive Court/Racquet
Wakeboarding Non-Competitive
Water Polo Competitive Water
Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Competitive Field
Wrestling Competitive Martial Arts

Club Sports Handbook and Forms

The Club Sports Handbook and most forms are available via the FCS OrgSync page.

2015-2016 Club Sport Handbook

BERF and Financial Forms
BERF Completion Instructions (YouTube video)
Example Travel BERF

Contracts for Coaches
Blank W9 Form
Invoice Sample for Coach Instructor Speaker
Volunteer Coach Form
Short Vendor Form
Vendor Application
Sample Flyer