Intramural Sports Program

The Intramural Sports Program supports the Department of Wellness and Recreation’s mission of maintaining a social and healthy lifestyle by offering sports promoting exercise & physical activity, teamwork, and sportsmanship. You do not have to be an amazing and accomplished athlete. There are many different divisions offered such as IFC, Men’s, Women’s, Pan-Hellenic and Co-Recreational leagues.There are trophies awarded at the end of the year to the top IFC, Pan-Hellenic and Independent teams based on their point system.

Club Sports Program

The Club Sports Program at the University of Miami provides opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and alumni who desire an in-depth sports experience that is not provided in the intramural, special event, fitness, instructional sports, or drop-in recreational programs. Sport Clubs are registered student organizations, designed to bring together students with similar sporting interests. The Club Sport Program offers a wide variety of sporting activities, including team sports, individual sports, aquatics, extreme sports and martial arts. Many of the clubs teach activities that can be practiced for a lifetime. Previous experience is not a prerequisite for membership. Sport Clubs offer instructional, recreational, and competitive activities throughout the academic year.